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  1. I know I don't ever post, but am I considered one of the members of this board? I am not a kid either, but am young. 22. I am pretty interested in this car. I have owned 2 starions. The one I have now is a 89 shp that has horrible frame rot and a few other problems. I think your car would be a better project for me. I have the cash to pay for it, I just have to convince my wife about it though :/ My name is william and I texted you about it. I am eager to hear your reply.
  2. i still have not figured out how to get the broken cord hood latch to open. i tryed from underneeth and from the grill. me and 3 mechanic cant figure it out. ANY help would be so much appriciated. i would paypal 15$ to anyone who KNOWS how to get it undone. please any help would be awesome!!!
  3. are you selling the trans? if so, what condition is it in? how much, etc. etc... same goes for the e-brake cables and injectors.
  4. ok, so today the oil in my car mysteriously disappeared. i put oil back in ran it for like 10 min and watched under the car for like 30 min. just this morning it had normal oil. it didnt leak the oil i put back into it. BUT since i thought it was leaking i only put 1 qt in, i went to turn the car on to see if it leaks and closed the hood.. then when i go to open the hood the latch is broken... man am i frustrated at this car. it seems like there is ALWAYS something wrong with it. but the reason im posting this is to ask how i get the hood open again?? i love this car to much to ever get rid of it so i want to keep working on it till theres nothing wrong. (heh...) another question is where can i get a new differential and transmission and brake lines? Thanks for any help!! god knows i sure need it with this car.
  5. btw is there a difference between all of the transmission year per? and if so, what is the trans code?
  6. I was just wondering what a easy swap would be for 300-350 hp. or if there is a rebuild kit or something of the sort. also what is the code so i could maybe find a place that sells a new one. and if there was replacement torque tubes axle ect. mainl info on the rear end. any help would be awesome! ty
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