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  1. KO

    Tow Dolly

    Yes it has, thanks I appreciate it, won't take much she just needs a good ole TB rebuild and some good gas ran through it, had to replace the fuel pump recently because it had set so long, got it back to running, I should be ashamed.
  2. KO

    Tow Dolly

    Thanks for the info, ya I seem to remember the tow dolly being a nightmare to deal with, mine has lowering springs on it too so it would be even worse. Nice ride by the way.
  3. Havent used a Uhaul tow dolly in years. Just got a coaching job at a 6A in Oklahoma City, 5 hours from home. Car has been setting about 3 years, runs but is not insured, registered, etc. Need to get it to its new home. Will a tow dolly rip my front spoiler off? Seems I remember doing that a time or two. That would suck. Any tips/info? I see they have car haulers too, where you can jsut drive all 4 up on it and be on your way, slightly more expensive but looks worth it, don't have to remove driveshaft either. Someone give me $4k I may say to heck with it and just sell it lol.
  4. I've had the HKS intake setup running from my Eclipse MAS setup to the turbo for years and noticed the piece running from the aluminum HKS intake piece to the turbo inlet is cracket at the inlet=rough idle. Does anyone know where to find a piece to replace this or a an alternative setup to replace the whole thing from the MAS to the turbo? Been out of the loop a while and need to get this thing back on the road, just needs a few minor things.
  5. No toga parties man, although I was JUST talking about that the other day, we were pretty lit up at the National Meet that evening, I think most had already crashed and we were bar hopping! Good to see you guys, no I still come by quite often just haven't had anything remotely interesting to say; and as you can see with my latest attempt at a topic I still don't, ha ha. What is baseball?
  6. Opted not to have my Subway sandwich toasted today, threw it on the dash and when I arrived at the fieldhouse I had a patty melt. Man it's smoking, was 103 today. I don't sweat much and my shirt has been drenched, stay thirsty no matter how much I drink; no telling what misery the guys are feeling. Thank God for the huge Oak Tree that cast a monster shadow on my area of the turf to start off the morning while I throw balls to my receivers. Anyways, you guys in Chicago drinking a cold beer while it's 82 outside I'm pretty damn jealous.
  7. i was just going through the forums and i saw your car and and under the hood....... wow man awesome car. i envy you.
  8. Tim that does ring a bell, crazy seeing that picture as I've actually got a green yard to mow now, that was shortly after we had moved in. I believe we punished some frosty ones at Dad's place that day, you kept saying ok just one more and I'm gone and Dad was forcing them upon you, in which you could not refuse! he he And Edde you are right, SHE deserves it for putting up with ME, lol. Shelby I'm staying in the waist deep just in case! And who wants to make a break for the boys room when you are relaxing in the pool drinking a Long Island out of a Cocunut!? LOL Mike, the bailing wire and makeshift wedge ranks up there with the best I've ever seen in person, he he, good thing you did not go the criminal route or vehicles across the US would be in trouble! Yeah, and we still can't get AAA. I caught that horse standing on the bumper of my Conquest one day and licking my back glass, I about killed the $%$, needless to say we got rid of it, he had some marbles loose. By the way my old high school coach is now at St. Johns, he is the women's assistant, he has only been up there a year and has already picked up an accent, he says he really likes it. Maybe he will get us to a game and I will have to return the cross country trip visit!
  9. Thanks, we'll see how it goes, I've heard the same about Cancun, resort on top of resort, loud music everywhere and just pure craziness. I wasn't after that party atmosphere, just something nice and relaxing. I will have to let you guys know how it goes, we leave the 19th. My main goal is not to be the guy at the breakfast buffet the 1st morning looking like death with a killer hangover and sun burn from hell. But I'm not making any promises! LOL
  10. Supposively it's not your typical loud and crazy Cancun style place, it's supposed to be "classy", but hey that won't scare me! lol
  11. Had to share the excitement. Me and the wife have been married 8 years but just now going on a Honeymoon. I graduated college on a Friday, married the very next day on Sat., and started my first day on the coaching job that Monday, bam, boom, bang so we never had an official Honeymoon. Anyways, we're going the all inclusive route to Secrets Maroma Resort off of Maroma Beach, Mexico. 4 days/nights. It's a 5 star joint, adults only, 7 Restaurants and entertainment on site. Supposively it has been voted one of the Worlds Best Beaches by Travel Channel on more then one occasion. Now for the questions part, anyone ever been here? Whether you have or not any tips/advice in general is appreciated. Me and the wife have never been out of the country, she pretty much flipped out when I told her. According to trip advisor it has gotten excellent reviews, I've researched this thing pretty hard. Here are a few pics and what not of where we're going. Secrets Maroma Beach http://m.travelpn.com/images/playa_del_carmen/hotel/0/086201/Exterior_F_1.jpg http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r142/jlamoureux1976/secretsmaromaaerial.jpg http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/107/l_50c6d15fe7734ed190ed2ece6f9b4b18.jpg http://c4.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/95/l_7b2793039438494e9561f6c09d88b383.jpg http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/73/l_d875e5ae9e5f4059891a7bb532792f10.jpg http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/71/l_66a0606831b84b43bf566853386a6bac.jpg http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/85/l_ce683534cb094b628e7db976b92e91a0.jpg http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/80/l_2597df4753934d3a97d8f25b8f391bfc.jpg
  12. KO


    I think I got it, not sure now if it was a Keylogger but definitely had about 3 trojans. I went into safe mode networking and brought up the microsoft website, downloaded their scan tool and let it scan all night long. Had about 6 critical problems, all of which it deleted. Also used the Malware Anti-Malware in safe mode which picked up and deleted some things. Restarted the computer and no popups, all programs are running fine. Whew!! Thanks for the help!
  13. KO


    I don't have a second computer. I bought Norton 2009 earlier and I can't even use it. I installed it in safe mode, went to use it in regular mode and it tells it's infected. Anything .com or .exe is infected, can't run any antivirus program at all because of this, can't even run registry edit because it tells me regedit.exe is infected, won't even let me open up add/remove programs, it's nuts!
  14. KO


    It seems I've got one on my computer. Lots of popups and warnings about how my computer is infected (trying to get me to purchase some false protection). Any program I run that is .exe I get a popup in the bottom right telling me that program is infected. Any ideas on how to remove this thing? Even when I hit control alt delete it tells me the task manager is infected!
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