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  1. Ive been looking for a set, ill take them.
  2. What are the condition of the tail lights?
  3. what about the tail lights? what are their condition?
  4. im not looking for perfection here, i dont care about finish at all. if you have a strait rim that you want to part with let me know.
  5. looking to get a one piece front air damn. I used to see them out there on ebay but not anymore.
  6. what browser does everyone use? i use firefox and have never had a problem.
  7. is it possible to remove the oil pan with engine in the car?
  8. sometimes this can be caused by a clogged pcv valve i would start there, also hook the vacuum lines up correctly to see if it stops doing it
  9. the new pontiac G8 GXP makes 400+ hp and has rear wheel drive. a six speed automatic or manual transmission, and 4 doors for around same price but looks better i think. it has the ls3 corvette engine under the hood
  10. thats a real nice photoshop of a starion can wait till i see the real thing. when you doing it? at first i thought that was real but the side by side revels the truth.
  11. wondering if anyone has one or any suggestions on how to supporting the alternator without using the huge A/C bracket
  12. i was wondering if anyone had an extra stock throttle cable for the tbi system?
  13. ok so what color are the wires for the secondary and primary so i can make sure to get it right.
  14. hello i was wondering about the order of the injectors on my 87 starion EsiR i have the green one on the passenger side then i have a white?.... injector on the driver side. after performing a search i got this info... part #......ID..From...To.....Description MD614036 L 6/86-89 580cc, Primary, black, Driver Side of TB MD614102 M 6/86-89 1080cc, Secondary, Green/blue, Pass MD614114 K 2/86-5/86 850cc (2 Required) MD614004 J 2/85-1/86 850cc (2 Required) MD608869 ? Thru 5/83 850cc (2 Required I dont have i black injector from what i can tell. the injectors have M imprinted on one and L on the other. im just trying to make sure they are in the correct positions (after i rebuilt the throttle body and everything and forgot their positions). thanks for your help everyone.
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