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How to upload to Imgur


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This guide is more geared for those looking to upload directly from their phones as I think that's how most of you are getting your pictures/videos these days.

  1. Download the Imgur app from the App Store/Play store
  2. Once installed, launch it, and it'll ask for an account. If you have one already, sign in. If not, make one. Don't forget your password.
  3. Once signed in, tap the "+" icon to upload an image/video
  4. At the next page, there should be a green button asking for permission to view your photos. Tap it to grant the Imgur app permission to your phone's storage
  5. Now you should see your pictures/videos in the app. Select them, then tap "Next"
  6. At the final page, it will ask for a title, which is optional. Enter one if you want
    1. If you're uploading a video, there should now be a crossed-out speaker icon in the top-right. Tap that to UNMUTE your video if you wish
  7. Tap Upload in the top-right to upload it to Imgur
  8. Once it's finished uploading, there should be a green notification. Tap that to view your post
    1. If it's not there, just tap the profile icon in the bottom-right to see all of your account's uploads
  9. Open your picture/video (if not opened already), then long-press it and tap "Copy Post Link" (or "Copy URL" from the Android app)
  10. Paste the link directly into your post here on the forum

If your link ends with .png/.jpg (the file type), the new forum software should pick up on it and automatically embed your picture in your post. This unfortunately does not seem to work for Imgur videos (yet).

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