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1983 Mitsubishi Starion turbo 54k original miles (San Diego)

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Which probably means 500-1000 haha


For reals! If its been expired since 2007, thats 8 years going on 9. In California that means big dollar signs for DMV.


I let mine expire for 1 year and when I came to renew it was $246! Plus smog check. Imagine 8 years!


That car needs to go to someone who will restore it, not to an '83 Hood Vulture. If I offended anyone... tough cookie!

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The interior looks like it's from a later year. But still nice. I had an 83 back in the early 90's. I regret selling, I was stupid and got married to a crazy woman who hated that car. I hope to get one just like this - but with the crush velour interior. I had one almost exactly like this one.




SLim Jim

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i havent seen it in person yet. dont have the time at the moment. but i dont think im going to pick this up as i am still trying to get rid of the red flatty i got awhile back.. :unsure:


Still trying to sell that red flatty huh?

I should start saving these and registering them out of state.

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