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  1. I may have one, NOS. In good shape - but not 100% perfect. I'll need to also dig it out? Let me know- if all these fall through? Cheers, SLim Jim
  2. TTT - Price Drop $32.00 shipped. Last call! Cheers, SLim Jim
  3. TTT - $35.00 shipped for the BOV and Goodies! Bueller, Bueller, Bueller?
  4. The interior looks like it's from a later year. But still nice. I had an 83 back in the early 90's. I regret selling, I was stupid and got married to a crazy woman who hated that car. I hope to get one just like this - but with the crush velour interior. I had one almost exactly like this one. Cheers, SLim Jim
  5. Nice I have these types on my 1985 1/2 flatty...They look great! SLim
  6. Is there such a thing as Stupid Fast?
  7. I sold him those louvers they are very sweet. It makes that car! If I hadn't just bought my 1990 Plymouth Laser I'd be all over this Awesome ride! Cheers, SLim Jim
  8. Greddy type knock-off with T-pipe, hoses, clamp. It looks great its new and never been used. My laser already had one on it - so this is a spare BOV I have. I also have and red silicone hose for one of the sides Please send me your email for pics. My pics are high quality and just too big for the site. Also I have a Signature Series NSX Boost controller for sale as well. Another spare part which came with my Laser I'll take $35.00 shipped for the BOV and Goodies. I have decided to keep the boost controller. Plus I recently learned you can get them off Ebay for a little over $20.00 or so. Thanks, SLim Jim
  9. For Sale - I have a AEM Wideband Setup and the O2 sensor. I only have the white face only, but it is complete, bearly used. The O2 sensor has very little carbon on it, I think I ran it a few hundred miles. I did not need it when I had a spare come with my 1g Laser recently. If interested I will send you pics. I also have a dash gauge two pillar pod to go with it. I'll take $150/obo shipped - Please no bogus offers. It's in near perfect condition. PM your number and I'll text you pics. Thanks, SLim Jim
  10. The strut cartridges is new is it possible I got a defective one? I've got brand new KYB struts including the boots and strut bearing made by moog. Please let me know?
  11. Okay I have an odd problem, I replace the strut and strut bearings on the passenger side as well as the driver side the drivers side is fine the passenger side rattles. Done this since day one and it's getting worse I've even swapped out the strut bearing twice. It goes away and then it comes back. Anybody have this problem?
  12. I need the license plate backup lights clear lenses. Thanks Slim
  13. I need the license plate plastic and backup light lenses. Thanks SLIM Jim
  14. I'm looking for Autometer Pro Comp Ultralite series boost gauge, oil pressure gauge and water temperature gauge. I have an AEM wideband 4100 series if I recall with O2 sensor and all the wiring as it's complete. Or I'll pay cash if you have all of them. I'm looking for a complete set I really don't want to buy a new if I don't have to? Please let me know as I'm also watching some of these on evil Bay. Cheers, Slim Jim
  15. I have a pair on my flatty. They make the car complete in my opinion with a vintage LEXAN plastic HATCH spolier and you're set! Cheers, SLim Jim
  16. My dream came true - I scored a 90 Laser. It's a bat out of hell folks. Big EVO 16g turbo, APEXI/Inovation Wideband, Walbro 255 FP, 650cc injectors, sweet rims (black ASA-BBS type), kumho ecsta tires and many more goodies. She could use a paint job, but I am not whining being only the third owner. It's stupid fast - probably runs mid 12's. I just put on drilled/slotted Stop Tech brakes with cermamic pads to stop this beast. I am beefing up the suspension starting with coilovers, new control arms with fresh ball joints. Maybe tie rods. It so quick it's squirrely on the road. My first 6 bolt 4g63t motor in a car which is lighter than my 85 1/2 flatty. I'll post some pics when I have time to clean the beast. I drove all the way to Dayton from Indy to get her. The seller call me a day later and was having Sellers remorse. Paid only $2750 It's loads of fun! Cheers, Slim Jim
  17. I need a Cruise Control Actuator for my 85 Quest. I'll take the cable and other parts in the chain which makes all this work just in case. Thanks! Jim
  18. X2 ditto! I need one asap if this works seemlessly! Cheers, SLim JIm
  19. Yes, Stock Stereo. Everything electric appears to be normal except the radio/tape player. I checked the grounds. I also tried it with the ACC position instead of the ON/RUN. Still no dice. I took some contact clean DeOXit to remedy this this appears to had helped a little. But my questions is - if the root cause is the balance and fader potentiometers, I do have a spear EQ I could remove the radio and replace these potential problem areas. This stereo is very modular. I do have a spare (like mint) but never tested. And a spare parts one hence the reason I could swap out this module? I have had the drop outs regarding the sound/speakers forever since I've owned the car. Circa 2009- But as a solid plan B what DOUBLE DIN STEREOS fit in these cars? I have someone to do the work, but want to make sure they have everything they need? It sounds like you know alot about these cars. I know a fair amount about home hifi. But auto car stereos I am still in the dark. Please I am handicapp which limits what I can do on these cars. And additional information would be most helpful. I think we are very close to solving this one Mike. Thanks so much! SLim Jim
  20. This just started. I have a radio which was working just fine. The yesterday whenever I turn up or just simply adjust the volume. It just crackels and no sound comes out of the speakers. It's really annoying. This worked and now it does not. I do not have any other electrical issues whatsoever. Everything else works. I have a theory one of the speaker wires is ground out which is causing this crap. Please help me. I do not want to take every speaker panel off to troubleshoot this - without a solid direction from someone who has experienced this before. Please know your thoughts. It does it with a tape or just the radio on. Thanks! SLim Jim
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