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14th Annual Cystic Fibrosis Benefit Car Show (PA)


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I usually post this a little sooner, but for some reason I forgot this year. Anyway, I run this show, if you guys are local and aren't doing anything ... come check us out.


When: SUNDAY AUGUST 16th, 2015

Where: Quakertown Airport / Quakertown, Pa. 18951

What: All makes and models are welcome - Old, new, classic, exotic, trucks …. import or domestic ... if it has wheels, bring it!

Time: 10am till 4pm. Raffles & Trophies Raffle @ 3:00 pm / Trophies @ 3:30

Cost: $15 to register a vehicle, free to the public

FaceBook: https://www.facebook...FBenefitCarShow


For the past 14 years our committee has been organizing this ever growing car show with all proceeds benefiting those effected by the hardships brought on by CF.


If anyone has any other questions or comments about the show, feel free to post up here or PM me. You can also email the yahoo address found in the jpg image below for more information as well.


If you are interested in setting up as a vendor, PM me as well for more information.





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Nope, if you bring your car and want to enter it in the show, there's a $15 registration fee. If you don't want to enter it you can park across the street and walk around for free. The airport is shutting down for the day, they'll have all their planes on display and there's lot of kids stuff too (if you have family). It's a unique show - I hope you can make it out.


I'll be in a yellow staff shirt if you want to try and find me.

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Thanks to FieroGTFan and Project87 for coming out today and supporting the show. I wanted to snap some pics of the starquests next to each other, but never got around to it with all the business of the show ... either of you guys get pics ???
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