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Fuel Injector Issues


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Hey guys,

So I have a major issue that has stumped me. I bought two new injectors for my 89' Conquest. I installed the injectors and when the primary is hooked up, the car barely runs and searches the rpms from 100-2000 rpms, literally feels like it is going to shake the car apart. When I switch clips and plug the secondary injector into the primary clip, the car runs fairly well. Occasionally a miss, probably from being way rich, but idles dead at 850rpms.

With the factory injectors in the car. It runs fine. Perfect idle no hesitation. Just curious if anyone had any ideas. Primary is a 750cc, secondary is a 1000cc.


Thank you

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Problem is any injector that even comes close to fitting in the factory TB is not a TB injector but a port injector. The spray pattern is totally different. I wish I had a viable alternative to provide but there isn't.
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