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High revving once started

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Hey guys, spent a ton of time getting everything together and finally started the car after timing chain, BSEK, and turbo rebuild. All of a sudden I didn't have spark. Turns out it was how the last guy messed with the O2 sensor which was causing a short.

I started the car and it was running very well, I think proceeded to back out of the driveway pulsing the gas to pull out, then I let off and the car kept climbing in RPM's. I shut it off and made sure everything was okay, then tried to start it again, immediately the car started revving and it went above 3k.

I tried searching but had no luck and also didn't know what to search exactly. Any ideas are appreciated.


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You have a vacuum leak or you need to do a TPS/ISC reset. These cars have a very basic ECU and it can't adapt to changes. It wants to start with the TB adjusted perfectly. If it's not then the ECU doesn't know it and doesn't know what to do. It looks for a specific voltage from the TPS at idle. It will command the ISC to open or close the throttle to get to that voltage. Even if it means revving the engine to 3k rpm. So you have to set the ISC to it's start position then unplug it. Then go through setting the correct idle RPM. Then adjust the TPS. Then plug the ISC back in and see if it worked. It's not hard but it takes a little time to do it right.



You can find the steps to do a TPS/ISC reset in the FSM here,



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