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Repair the center console latch and more


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Here is how to fix that busted latch forever.

Problem= lid wont stay latched or lid needs specail attention to lock down and latch.


Fist you need to remove the center console lid. 9 screws. 4 for the hing, 3 under the secondary compartment, and 2 at the left and right of the latch. And watch out for that roll pin in the peice of sheet metal that limits the lids travel..




Hopefully the broken peices are still there. With this peice i am using for the write up the latch pivot was broken on one side and the limiter peice was busted off...the second picture above looks okay but one side is broke...but one side is broken....



And the limiter peice is gone...here is the limiter peice glued back in place...(the limiter piece lets the latch only close so much so if you limiter piece is gone/broken when you try to latch it you always have to lift up the latch first)



And then let use our favorite glue to glue the broken pivot(s) back...i used super glue...that all you need becuase in the next step we are going to make is so strong that epoxy or jb weld would be useless...



So now you have it glued back together whats next? Now it time to drill! For this you need 2 or 3 3/32 drill bits.



3 holes to drill. As an option if you have some super tiny bits to stat the holes use them. It will make it easier. These little jewelry bit help and are cheap on ebay and highly usefull for getting out brokens bolts too...



Drill two seperate holes into the hinge but not too far , leave space for the limiter peice to be drilled...




Drill each side same depth and leave the drill bit in there. Use a lighter to heat the bit good and hot once to melet the plastic into the bit.



When you heat the bit some plastic flows out like so...see the little lip by the bit..




Drill bits hanging out either side...



Just cut them off with a dremel or hacksaw. Now drill a 3/32 hole in the little limiter peice...



If you didn't go to far with your pivot drills the bit will go in all the way past where it was broken...for this one i did not leave the drill bit in but glued in a aluminum peice from the earlier pics....



Here it is trimmed off...



So to recap , drill three holes and leave the bits in there to make the plastic now have a super strong endoskeleton.


Now back together, if you have that nasty delaminating issue like this lid had, peel it open and use super glue or similar and then before reassembly wrap tight with saran wran....

comes apart here...this is where glue goes...



See the warping?



After gluing wrap up like so and ad a small block to help equalized the force...




Let dry and reassemble. The spring can be tricky. There are two little hole here...



The spring ends go in there.

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