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Door Popper Installation


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Here is a suggestion for those of you interested in remote door poppers (for shaved door handle cars). This is copied from an older thread of mine.



Part Kit: Summit Racing, Electro Life P/N ELI-99000


I wanted to mount these without drilling any un-needed holes in the doors. On inspection, this turned out to be a simple task. Just simply used the mounting holes of the existing OEM door lock solenoid bracket. All I had to do was drill one more hole in the aftermarket solenoid bracket and bolted it as shown. Definitely use lock-washers so it doesn't slip! I probably should have tack welded the mounting bracket to the lock assembly for added assurance, but oh well.


I used the original lever arm that use to run up to the door handle. I rotated the lever arm so it pointed down and rebent it as shown (it is some soft metal so it is easy to bend). I ran a die up the arm to continue the threads. The threads didn't cut too well on the arm so I used two M6 nuts to position the original pin that use to connect to the door handle. Then I tack welded the lower nut just it case it were to rotate or pull off of the weak threads.


I had to open up the slot on the solenoid just a hair for it to accept the stock pin (just a few thousands using a small grinder on my dremel. To keep the pin from slipping in the slot of the solenoid, I used some SST washers to take up the gap. I tried to find an E-clip that fit the stock pin good but didn't have luck, so I used some SST lockwire.


I forgot to snap a pick of the assembly in the car...I'll follow up with that next time. But everything clears the window/etc. Now the unit is self contained, didn't have to use aircraft cable/etc. and the inside door handle still works perfectly like stock. I powered up the solenoid using my 110V/12V transformer and it pops these doors no problem!


Oh and I tack welded the lever system on the stock lock mechanism such that it can't inadvertantly lock for any reason. If it locks, the solenoid won't work to pop the doors (but the inside door lever would). You could just run a piece of lockwire around the lock mechanism to the frame to achieve the same thing but I already had my welder out to tack that one nut, so it only took a second.


Shaved Door Handle Lock Solenoid Mounting:


http://www.hotrodders.com/gallery/data/500/Shaved_Door_Handle_Solenoid_Mounting_Page_1.jpg http://www.hotrodders.com/gallery/data/500/Shaved_Door_Handle_Solenoid_Mounting_Page_3.jpghttp://www.hotrodders.com/gallery/data/500/Shaved_Door_Handle_Solenoid_Mounting_Page_2.jpg

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