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OEM or Refurb Wheel Color Dot Markings


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This info about the dots and what they mean, etc...


StarQuestRims posted:


nice rims but are they from the manu or a restored/referbed rim.


lets find out...........


it is very simple.....


a. look at the fromt of the rim.

b. do you see the white dot about the size of an pencil eraser diameter.

c. if no this has been referbed

d. if yes, is the dot on the outer edge of the lip (referbed)

or is it on the flat spot next to the edge (original!!!)



the value is also simple...


a rim from mistu is 400+ but there are basically none available.

a rim referbed one that looks just like a new original cost 200.00 per rim


new original should be about that price but to a collector the value could be more.

i would think there are about 5-6 people that would be collectors that might be interested.


mark v



tsimurph posted:


two dots; one white painted and one yellow decal. The white one indicates the lightest point on the wheel edge so it can be indexed with the heaviest part of the tire so the smallest amount of external balancing weight is necessary to make the wheel & tire package perfectly balanced.



StarQuestRims posted:


youare right about the markings for balancing. there are dotson the tires as well for that purpose.

however i have never seen a guy line them up when balancing the tires/wheels.


i have a wheel (perfect) refinished buy a company in Detroit that does remark the white dot.

the only company i have ever seen do this.


mark v



tsimurph posetd:


Usually, only the OEM tire fitter knows what these little marks are for...

Can you pass on the contact info for the refinsher you use; he sounds like a keeper.





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