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Slow Speed Brake Noise - Help!

14 May 2020 - 08:09 AM

Hey guys, I could really use some help/ideas/insight on this.as we have tried everything I can think of.

Issue is that when I slow down to stop for a light, stop sign, or enter the garage, I hear a fairly loud metal on metal rubbing noise from the passenger rear wheel.  Not all the time, but most of the time. And of course the wheel/rotor gets hotter than the other 3.

I installed new brake lines, flushed the system several times(very clean), checked the proportioning valve (very clean), replaced calipers, rotors and pads.  Caliper is not warped. Replaced the caliper bracket -thinking it might be warped. The master cylinder in new. Checked adjustment and functionality of the ebrake.

Please send all ideas.  My car is at my mechanics and has been for the last 2-3 weeks. It runs fantastic otherwise (thanks a ton to Import Warrior!).  Its a 1987 widebody with 72K miles on it and has been mostly garaged. I am the second owner and have had it 2+ years now.  This noise issue has been increasing in frequency over the past year now. Would love to keep the car, but it is frustrating the hell out of me!  And my wallet too!

I'm in Northern Virginia just outside of Washington DC, if anyone local wants to look at it.

Thanks so much guys!

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