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It's time to my car.

17 October 2019 - 12:09 AM

It's time to SELL my car!

Car is in gallery.
Will post more this weekend.
Price is $5000.


Land Rocket / Gary Clouse

1988 Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R – Palermo Grey
2.6 Turbo-Charged Inter-cooled engine
5 speed manual transmission

I bought the car April 1997 ( it was my divorced present to myself ) from the original owner, that bought the car new in Fort Worth, Texas.
I live in Mesquite, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.
The car has been sitting in my garage for quite a while.
It will not crank, motor is fine, but something somewhere is not cooperating.
I worked on the car about 2 1/2 years ago, had a man in Atlanta area that was going to buy the car. (I backed out at the time, because I wanted to sell him a running car.)
The fuel pump I had replaced a couple of years earlier quit working. It might have had something to do with using air thru the fuel line thinking there was a possible clog in line.
So I replaced the fuel pump.
In the process I tore the fuel line from the tank, so I had a braided stainless steel line made.
This pump did not work either, took it off and direct wired it, worked fine.
Tracked down the problem. The fuel pump grounds thru the ECU.
I cut wire going in to the ECU and body ground it. Easily reversed.
Engine started,  ran for about 20/30 seconds and died, cranked again, ran for about 10 seconds and died, then it told me to go away.
I had injectors cleaned,  was told that they were fine before cleaning.
If I had any care, use, want to, I could find the problem and fix it. But I could car less.
Have had car for 22+ years, have under 2000 miles that I have driven it. It's always been a toy to me to play with. Car has always been under cover.
Has a different instrument cluster, so mileage is not original. I think it has 90,000 something miles. But a new suspension.

* Head replaced with a Top End Performance (Spanish mold) non-jet valve head /w a
street performance cam (I heard it is 274 lift).  (1-22-99)
* Roller rockers.
* Mitsubishi insignia valve cover.
* Jacobs 8mm wires.
* Braided Stainless Steel hoses. Including oil lines to cooler.
* 1g Eclipse air mss.
* Chromed steel over-valve-cover pipe /w Turbo XS blow off valve. (*DM)
* Steel accordion hard pipe to air-mass.
* Steel turbo to Inter-cooler pipe (made by AndyW).
* All Inter-cooler connections replaced with red silicone hoses.
* ABS eliminated.
* Rewired knock sensor for constant 10 psi.
* Crank pulley replaced. 3SX solid aluminum full sized pulley. (8-4-2007)  
* Aluminum flex fan /w early model shroud.
* Precat eliminated, replaced with 2 ½” down pipe.
* Power steering pump replaced. (9-11-97)
* Starter replaced. (1-27-2003)
* Fuel pump replaced.  (12-30-15)

* All bushings replaced with Stedebani kit.
* All front control arms replaced. (Tie rods, center link, ball joints, etc.)
* KYB GR-2 struts.
* Eibach  lowering springs. Special run by Midwest Turbo. (11-?-2007)
* Wheels are a dealer/factory option,  Ronals/ARE, front 8 x 16, rear 9 x 16.
* Tires are Kumho Ecsta Supra 712’s, front 225/40 x 16, rear 255/50 x 16.
(Tires have plenty of tread and look new, but they are 20 years old)
* Drilled and slotted rotors. (epoxy painted calipers)
* Front strut insulators replaced. Quest Performance. (11-9-2005)

* Rear hatch wing is from Rey Eugenio in CA. ( 1998 )
* Hood has a 300zx hood scoop turned backward to vent heat from turbo.
   ( and yes hood is cut to actually vent )
* Wiper cowl has a Autometer Phantom mechanical fuel pressure gauge.
( but not reading correctly)
* Air dam was replaced, and painted. Top End performance. (5-11-99)
* Under the front of the car I have made an air splitter, it is made of ¼” ABS plastic. I
made and sold 2 or 3 dozen made out of ¼” Polycarbonate to cut air off from going
under the car, creating a low pressure zone under  the car, it also should pull more air  
into the Inter-cooler.
( (Disclaimer) I say this in theory because of all the adolescent, immature, little &%#-
hole, no-it-alls at a certain car site that will argue that the sky is not blue. )
* Under the sides of the car are air deflectors that I made using 1/8” ABS and aluminum
angle. (same disclaimer)
* Under the rear of the car there is an air defuser/diffuser, another project I made. (same
((I was going to make and sell these about 13 years ago, but nobody wanted to get
serious about purchasing, so it never went into fruition.))
* Car was repainted 5-1999 when the air dam was replaced, and Shelby Stripes were
* Sealed beam headlights replaced with euro style clear housings and halogen bulbs.
* Tail lights are from a Conquest. Like the lines better. Have originals.
* Electric antennae works

* Steering wheel replaced.
* Seats replaced with DAD’s. (Dynamic Auto Design) (I custom made the seat sliders)
* Instrument cluster face repainted. Gauges white faced.
* Autometer shift Light.
* AC controls relocated to console.
* Rockford Fosgate 9200, Infinity speakers .
* Custom console face.(made by me)
* Autometer Phantom boost gauge, A/R gauge, oil pressure gauge, all in a 'jolyrgjr'
gauge panel located in the place vacated by the AC control.
* Autometer Phantom oil temperature gauge, and Pyrometer/EGT Gauge located in
bottom of console.
* Bains short throw shifter.  Was to short for me, so I added a long Pilot knob.

I have an AC-Delco Alternator, ?120? amp. Has correct pulley and an adapter bracket, with new
   wiring harness.  ( from ' jolyrgr ' )
4 point seat belts, not installed.  Was going to make a roll bar. Never happened. Have
  1- 7/8 tubing that you can have.
Complete silicone vacuum line kit.
Have a Steibani RED silicone bushing kit.
There are also many extra parts.

I also have a complete Braided Stainless Steel brake line kit.

These items are not installed, but go with car. ( car already has a bushing kit install)

I also have a 5.3 Chevy engine that I had thought of maybe using in car.
It has a 700R4 transmission attached.
Ran when my son removed it from his truck.
You want it, it's yours.

Preludedude:  Thanks for posting the pictures!

GSM-ES:  I do not have the original seats.
They were sacrificed for the mounting hardware.
I do have a right side seat that was in car given to me 14 years.
I do have the original wheels, and there are still tires on them,
  but they are 25+ years old.

JOSH 88':  Howdy Josh, good to hear from you!
  Do you still have the splitter you bought from me at Pigeon Forge.
  Was a fun trip, except for the $100 ticket. LOL

IntercooledFlatty:  I am posting pictures I just took.
Car is currently being used for a dust experiment.
Car will not start, but I doubt it would take to much to
figure out the reason.

Current pictures:

1986 Starion video

06 October 2019 - 08:42 PM

I have no idea if this has been posted, BUT.