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Addicted to Mini Dirt Bikes / Pit Bikes

12 July 2020 - 10:20 PM

Hello everyone,

It has been a minute since I've been on here and now with all this COVID going on plus I had surgery for a torn bicep and partially torn rotator and I'm about going stir crazy. I've been in the basement  ( when my wife isn't looking ) eyeballing all the old dirt bikes and for some reason I got the bug for her little 2003 XR80. Just to be clear this is HER bike so if I scare the crap outta her she's never gonna ride with me again so the front wheel needs to stay down ( a little ).. LOL.

I'm just sorry to tell everyone but those of us who are still here after 10+ years we are the ones who have it the worst. It just does not matter what we get our hands on it just sort of goes insane pretty fast. Right now I'm using every ounce of restraint I have to not slam a 120cc big bore kit on it and call it a day. The last time we had this little thumper out was about 2 years ago and it's just less than impressive and not very fun to ride. As soon as it fires off, if you ever saw the movie Snatch where the dog ate the squeaky ball, this poor little thing sounds JUST LIKE THAT!!! It basically runs like a little tractor and the only time it's any fun at all is at WOT about 9000 rpm. It's got a 9800rpm rev limiter which I have a rev box to fix that ;)


Anyway I started to do some research and basically nothing worth anything is available for this poor squeaky little bike. The XR100 on the other hand there's tons of parts. I'm actually trying to find an old dual shock XR75 to put an XR100 engine on it and see how fast we can get her to go like land speed but that's a project and story for another time. The good news was that a good deal of the XR100 parts fit the XR80 with little to no modifications. The heads are interchangeable so the XR100 HotCams cam fits and so does the cylinder. The XR100 carb and intake fit but the exhaust is a nightmare. If an engineer wanted to design an exhaust pipe with as many restrictions in it as possible and a carb that wouldn't run your lawnmower they sure did succeed.

It's now about a month after my surgery and I'm just barely able to use my left hand so all I can do is look at the parts and imagine how it's going to run. All I was able to do before my operation was swap carbs ( XR80 20mm Keihim to XR100 22mm Keihin ) and go for a little ride around the yard. Just that one mod was a considerable improvement without even getting into jetting. We weren't able to ride it with the modded pipe but I was able to cut it open before I was cut open. It was about the worst looking mess I had ever seen, the mesh screen was almost blocked with carbon buildup most likely from it being choked out since birth and the spark arrestor opening was so small ( less than 1" ) I couldn't even get my pinky finger in there and I don't have big pinkys. I found this little gem on ebay to replace that peep hole.


Since I've been home I acquired a small stash of parts including an AEM wideband for when I get into tuning the carb. Something absolutely amazing that might work perfect is an EFI setup with a programmable CDI "ignition" box.


something to know where the RPM's are :


and a few other maintenance parts like timing chain, guides and cam gears since they are 17 years old. This is actually a nice way to still be involved in motorsports and not have it break the bank account.

If anyone would be interested in the build I can post pics, the complete build will be posted on a motorcycle forum called Thumper Talk. I'm hoping to get some interest and maybe I can get some things going.

Ok last little tid bit of my XR75 frame XR100 engine combo will be this little sweetheart right here.


Like I said it's an addiction and as far as I can tell in my 50 years of life... There ain't no cure ;)

Take care all and stay safe.

Honda ( DON'T EVEN !!! ) XR75 project bike

09 July 2020 - 11:53 PM

Hello everyone this is kind of an odd request but since this whole covid-19 started I've actually been able to get to some projects that I literally couldn't even get to because they were buried behind all my other projects.

I'm looking for a little something I can do with the nephews and I've always wanted an old XR75 dual shock. My wife has a little XR80 that's a whole lot of fun after I... fixed it ;)

Anyway if somebody has one of those little old thumpers laying around that they'd like to let go of please let me know. It'll definitely be in good hands :)