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In Topic: Lower Shores Performance Steel Braided Lines

22 February 2021 - 07:11 PM

Hey Greg I'm glad to hear my lines are still hanging in there, more than I can say for myself most of the time. I have more hanging out there than hanging in these days.. Lol...

No more cars left and I'm finally putting the new engine together for my pickup after.... well after 12 years... Hahahahaaa.. Hummm. It's going to be a fun ( aggravating as hell ) build that I doubt anyone on here would really be interested in. It's a 305 HO with aftermarket Engine Quest ( what the ??? Quest really? ) Vortec heads, Schneider ( keeping with traditiion )  re-ground stock roller cam since a new schtick is don't even ask, 1.6 roller rockers, all the fancy block work, D dish hyper-eutectic pistons, Eagle I beam rods, balanced and hopefully almost ready to go together. Except for the intake...

So Vortec heads and TBI fuel system... I'm not sure WHY I never made the connection but the performer TBI intake I bought for this build will not work on Vortec heads without much more fun like drilling different angle bolt holes in my BRAND new heads or modify the intake which then ruins it. The new 305 Vortec heads I bought were perfect EXCEPT for that pesky Vortec bolt pattern.. I really wanted to use a Performer EPS which has a square bore carb flange and use then I'll  use a TBI to 4 BBL Holley adapter which there is a very nice one on Ebay. After 12 years this hits me and I thought my whole project was scrapped until 2014ish Edelbrock saved the day by making a Performer EPS Vortec intake AND THEN China copied them. It's just what they always do so you gotta see it coming.

So here's how it went, Edelbrock made the Performer EPS Vortec intake for $288.95, JEG'S has a version that looks very similar for $143.99 and then here comes China selling the EXACT same intake Jegs has their sticker on for $117.00 shipped... HA well JEGS should have changed the part number because that's how I found it at the bargain basement price ;)

When the PP invoice came through I thought it was a joke, if you put a gun to my head and said pronounce that name, yeah just pull the trigger.. and DEFINITELY China. :)

You sent a payment of $123.45 USD to Shenzhen Jinwanxiongyingkeji CO.,Ltd

In Topic: Lower Shores Performance Steel Braided Lines

16 February 2021 - 02:19 PM

Hello everyone going into 2021 I would like to let everyone know the steel braided lines are still available. If anyone needs anything else let me know.

Take care and have a great week

In Topic: Addicted to Mini Dirt Bikes / Pit Bikes

26 September 2020 - 06:44 PM

Hello Dave, yes it has been a while and I've been spending some time on the dirt bike forums bugging them instead.. Lol.. Hows your projects going? I have more projects that I have mental energy to get started on them all. When I go down the basement I'm surrounded, I counted the other day and stopped at 10. Some projects are multi faceted where they are like 3 projects in one. My generator has the engine getting rebuilt, the frame getting new wheels, I'm installing a circulating oil cooler with 1 quart reservoir to help with the oiling problem AND it was so loud it rattles the windows so I'm making a custom baffled muffler / silencer built off of... ummm silencing principals :) so that 1 project has 4 things going none of which are done. I can post pics of that also.

Ha well my shoulder is going to be a long process I can just feel it. It's a deep sort of pain when it starts aching and it's the whole shoulder. The doc said they disturb the WHOLE enchilada when they go in there digging and cutting so everything needs to heal up. I'm sorry to say this Dave but after this injury it just may be the end of my arm wrestling career.. Not that I ever had an arm wrestling career but I'm just saying IF I ever wanted one ;)

On a more serious note I was working out again but nothing that would have caused this. The cause of this was about 30+ years ago and my shoulder / bicep was re-injured several times over the years. I never went to a doctor to get checked of course.. I mean at 18 ~ 20 who does that anyway?? Ya just tough it out, take more ibuprofen and get on with it. So when the doctor said it was too late to fix the bicep he didn't mean the weeks I was delayed because of this virus he meant 30+ years too late.. The bicep tendon was so badly deteriorated there was nothing left to get a stitch into so it was a cleanup job and then fix the shoulder. I have a story about that fiasco too LOL... Anyway, everything is coming along except overhead activities. That really hurts and I have zero strength with my left arm up there. It also hurts when whatever it was I was stupid enough to be reaching for falls and hits me over the head too :(

Thank you for the kind words ( they are few these days ) and I'll keep you posted ;)

Take care

View Post87redcat, on 13 July 2020 - 01:08 PM, said:

Good to hear from ya ol pal. Been a long time. Hope your arm and shoulder get healed fast. Dont skip the therapy.

In Topic: Addicted to Mini Dirt Bikes / Pit Bikes

26 September 2020 - 06:23 PM

View PostTurbo Cary, on 13 July 2020 - 05:22 PM, said:

I too am addicted to mini bikes. I just rebuilt my Cag 47cc pocket bike. Put in a big bore cylinder head/piston to bump it to a massive 49cc lol, full circle crankshaft, upgraded manifold and carb. I need to port the exhaust or get a stinger pipe. Painted the frame and got a new seat panel.

I also have a 110cc pocket bike that's the same size as the Honda Ruckus/Grom. It's automatic but a 4 speed manual gearbox is stupid cheap. I'm pretty sure it's an X18/X19 bike. I debated throwing in a 250cc engine into it and riding to work and back on decent days.

They are tons of fun to ride. I'd love to see pictures of the bikes/builds so post em up!

I haven't posted a picture on here in years, what image server is everyone using these days? I have 5, yes FIVE dirt bikes in my basement right now that all need to be finished. 3 aren't even started yet.

Going by year :

1972 Yamaha JT2 60 almost 100% done and runs 54mph flat out but I think the speedo is wrong it feels faster that that.

There are 2 Yamaha GT80's ( 73 or 74 and 78 or 79 I can't remember ) I picked them up on the side of the road when I lived in North Carolina. One ran, the other condition unknown.

There is a little 86 ( I think ) Suzuki DS80 with a stripped out kicker shaft. Every bike I ever owned you NEVER EVER had to split the case to swap the shaft which is why it's still sitting there in pieces. I'm still pissed at the genius engineer who thought it was a good idea to make the shaft the size of a pencil and then there's the case splitting thing.... I can hold a grudge for a very long time especially when I really don't feel like doing it... Lol..

Last is the little 2003 XR80 and it's actually the only 4 stroke down there. OH OH OH after I posted this I found a 1974 XL100 on LetGo and th eguy lived like 20 min away!!! He wanted $75 for it YES SEVENTY FIVE and after I got there he haggled me down to $50....  AND helped me load it in the back of the truck :wacko: No joke HE LOWERED THE PRICE and I had the $75 in my pocket.... Oooookkkkkk I'm not gonna start a fight over it because he was a Harley guy and bigger than me so I just shut my mouth, paid up and got the heck outta there before whatever he was on wore off....  Bwahahaaaa I'll post the Letgo pics BUT it's in better condition than it looks. Again this never happened to me before ever.. Lol  The blinkers aren't even broken!!! There was no more room in the basement so I stuck this one in the container... with the other 5....

In Topic: Addicted to Mini Dirt Bikes / Pit Bikes

26 September 2020 - 06:06 PM

Hey guys sorry I'm not getting notifications anymore so I have to remember to keep checking. Hey Dave the shoulder is coming along slow but it's coming. I'm actually a ex Occupational Therapist so I have the therapy covered, I do want to go in a few times just to get the documentation for the medical leave. I'm still getting through my ADL's ( activities of daily living like showering, making dinner and putting the back wheel on the XR80 ;) LOL )  I'm taking it easy but also trying not to lose my mind in the process.

Hey Cary, I'll post some pics shortly of what I'm doing. If you know how I am with cars I always see something that could have been done but wasn't. On the XR80 I'm re-doing the airbox to get a little more air in and I just finished the exhaust to get that extra air in back out. I have a mild cam from HotCams but I would highly recommend Web Camshaft ( All woman owned ) out in Cali. I called and spoke with one of their cam experts and she was quite knowledgeable :) If they don't have what you need like a cam for my 10HP Briggs and Stratton generator engine they can hard weld your cam and regrind one for you. Think Quest Cams not just regrind but hard weld to the proper profile and then regrind. Way better ;) I also checked the part numbers and the 8HP cam is identical. I bought a few for cored and verified they are identical. There is no way on earth an 8HP cam can be anywhere correct for a 10HP engine to get optimal results so the B&S is gonna get a custom grind and mild port job LOL.. When I say it's an addiction that's putting it mildly, it's an obsession to get the most out of what I have my hands on.. Within reason... You see the last link I posted up there in my first post was really meant to go on the generator BUT I really didn't want to chuck the rod out the side of the block... If you have it you'll use it right??? It's a 5500 Watt and I'll be in there running the whole house off it throwing a party. Next thing will be a big bang and flash outside the window and the frame will be sitting there with a piece of the wire.... LOL... I am milling the head to get more compression but that's about it :D...

Anyway I finally finished the small adapter for the exhaust to mount the Supertrapp disks, now all I need to do is fit the perforated tube up inside, weld the washer on so it's not rattling around and pack it then after I get all the engine stuff done it will be ready to start... Just in time for winter LOL...

All this is more of an organizing and repair process, I think 80% of the equipment I have had been run way beyond it's maintenance interval so before I can even use it I need to fix it.. :mad:  Example being my somewhat expensive to replace Sunnen heavy duty cylinder hone. I needed it for the B&S 10HP and it was so sloppy I'm trying to make the hole better not worse. It's torn apart because it uses a 1/3 of it oil in about 4 hours. It's really weird the exhaust valve is perfect clean and the intake valve is covered with carbon buildup. This is an L engine with the cam and valves in the block so the oil can't really leak up the valve guide so there are no seals. The suction is on the intake stroke BUT the oil is draining down not up so it's not coming up the valve stem. What I did see is the rudimentary PCV system is connected directly to the carb / air filter housing and that hose was blowing out a lot of smoke right INTO the carb. I concluded it has serious blowby (verified by the condition of the cylinder when I got it apart ) and that blowby is pressurizing the crankcase. The pressure going out the PCV hose and into the carb is carrying oil with it which is going directly into the intake and all over the intake valve. I also believe that every gasket is weeping oil going by the very shiny grass the next morning after I use it so that's also an issue being addressed if the gasket kit ever gets here. It's not really a big deal since I just got the chunk of aluminum I'm making the head torque plate out of :)  Addiction, obsession, medical condition it's all insanity in the end  Hahahaaa....