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Found 9 results

  1. pipe- md087360-md090941 oil drain hose mdo11117 new clutch master. 75.00 shipped pm please.
  2. I just bought a 1988 Conquest and it is leaking transmission fluid and the guy said that the clutch needed adjusting due to it being an aftermarket clutch. I paid $3200 for the car. He also said the exhaust was an HKS, but it's all rusted. How could I tell if it was really an HKS? Also i guess I'm just asking how this whole forum thing works because I'm completely new to all of this, and if my money was well spent? Thanks for your time!
  3. anyone know how much these cost new ?
  4. These are in Dickinson, ND. I've got nine (6) brand new windshields for sale. You know you need one, or two; $275 each. http://picturehosting.com/images/oblique9881/img2090.jpg That one broke, its been tossed, but you can see the correct tint. http://picturehosting.com/images/oblique9881/img2087.jpg Get 'em while you can! Don't delay!
  5. I have for sale, one of the elusive http://autoplicity.com/images/Manufacturers/45px/903.gifLET-M01 Cat-back exhaust systems. Brand Spanking NEW, NEVER OPENED (pictured is mine opened for pics, yours will remain unopened)! I was told that these are no longer available through HKS and this is one of the only ones left in the USA. No more can be ordered or backordered from HKS, so I'm told. Here is the info that you will find on the internet about this system. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Piping 60mm Tip 60mm Tip Style Single Specifically engineered for turbo applications that require greater flow capacity than naturally aspirated applications, Turbo Exhaust systems use a straight through design. The increased flow characteristics offer a gain in boost pressure, boost response, a broader powerband and increases overall peak horsepower. Performance increases vary by application, with average gains of 10-25 horsepower. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ http://i1234.photobucket.com/albums/ff408/n8tallica1/DSC03230.jpg http://i1234.photobucket.com/albums/ff408/n8tallica1/DSC03231.jpg http://i1234.photobucket.com/albums/ff408/n8tallica1/DSC03232.jpg I'm going to be selling this for close to what I have in it. I purchased a few of these from a distributor just so I could make them available to you guys because I know how impossible to find. Just to breakdown the costs to me, so you don't think I'm out to rip anyone off. MSRP per system: $399.00 each Shipping: $60.00 each Total: $459.00 per unit My selling price is $475.00 shipped (should cover most shipping, additional cost may be necessary in some circumstances) So if your interested, I gladly accept Paypal (my Paypal address is: natallica@comcast.net) Hope this helps someone with their ride... I've read that these sound really sweet, that's why I bought some for myself! Thanks for looking guys. -N8
  6. I just picked up this beautiful beast. 100% stock 2004 audi s4. 6 speed manual awd. Shes stock with a 340 hp 4.2l v8. Its pretty much showroom quality. Just a few small scuffs on the rims. The stock recaro leather is immaculate its quite a blast to drive and comfortable as hell. I never thought id own a yellow car but imola yellow is a limited production color and is well sought after. (I bet the police will love her too) this is my first v8 and im very pleased. What do you guys think?
  7. Hey guy's new to this form but not the quest,started at *DM forum then 2.6 and theirs another i am forgetting but anyways now i am here. I have a 89 tsi white with black interior with a auto trans 90,000 all stock and very clean no rust I hope to meet alot of you guy's and hope i can give/help keep these cars going
  8. Hello my name is Nathan Vinson, im from keokuk, IA there isnt much of a car scene here except for me and a couple of my friends, at the moment I have a 1987 conquest TSi that i bought for 1400 from a guy in Davenport IA it had some vavle train noise but it wasnt much of a concern tell i started the trip back. but when i got home it got a little worse so i pulled the valve cover off and seen my timing chain is a little loose..... so a small fix. also realized that it doesnt have stock injectors last night so im gonna have to pull them off today and check them out. i do have some interesting things goin on though.... for example. my wipers are unpluged from under the hood so i plugged them in and they stay on at all times.... lol and my headlight come up fine but if i turn them off they dont go down but the light turn off heres the funny part if i hit the on switch for the light enough to engage it the go down?!?!?!? have no cluse what thats about. also my heat heating/fan gauge stay light on but dont work when the car is not started but when i start the car it doesnt light up and it blows COLD COLD on my feet only?!?!?! like i said have no clue wth is going on.... so help on that would be great.
  9. Hi, My name is Colin, I live in Fort Edward NY. I'm originally from Saratoga Springs NY. I recently purchased an '89 Conquest tsi from a guy down in Ballston Spa NY. It is a little rough around the edges, and needs its fair share of work. But, aside from the small things, it is in pretty good shape and it is an awsome car to drive. (As you all know) I am new to the conquest/ starion breed, but I've owned similar cars including a Nissan Z31, Pontiac Fiero, and 87 I-roc. I have to say, just in the short amount of time I've had it, I think that my new conquest might be my most favorite car to date. I'm excited to get started on some forums, and begin the long process of modifying and fixing my TSI. I have a few projects in mind, some small and some big, that I intend to share with you guys via the forums. I can't wait to get started. I've attached some of the pictures from the original craigslist ad (hence, the low image quality), and a picture from when I brought it home.
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