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  1. not gunna lie. You quest might be my most favorite quest of all time. Nice job on the GSR-VR on the back, I like.
  2. I need a steering gear box for a 89 conquest. I am trying to replace the lower seal but I can't find the correct one so if I can replace the compleat box that will be OK with me. Thanks
  3. is that a completely custom bumper? I have been looking for sumthing like that ever since I got my GSR-VR
  4. Im not shure really. I just kno the guy bought it from a dealership like a month ago and it is very new. I dont kno about M3 years, but knowing this guy, its what ever the newest and highest performing model that he is out. would that be like an '07?
  5. I got a set of BMW M3 suspension for free. I got the sway bar, struts, and springs. anywho, would it be worth it to try and put them on my starion? would they even fit? Or I'm I the first to try this one? My old stock/struts arn't in super awesome shape and its M3 suspension, so its gunna be good equip. I wouldnt be using the sway bar, lol, so.....
  6. I like the second on best. That first one is pretty sharp tho. I like how you blacked the Gas cap pannel on the second one too. Slick work dude. are you gunna get the vinyls in black? I love white with back accents. That would be sweet. -Ryser
  7. I cut the front pannel out. The pic is in my sig. I'll post more pics during the weekend for you.
  8. those look mighty comfy. Wish I had the cash
  9. I got the Clear fogs from JustPaus_88TSi They are absolutely amazing for the price. They really bring the car up to a modern look. If you want clear fogs, got with JustPaus stuff, its a kill deal and awesome quality
  10. yeah, I got about 34 of the way finishied with one tail light. I have the power box for each light too. College is really stopped this project b/c I dont have any place to work on it here at school. When I come back home this christmas I'm hoping to finish it up as a gift to myself. When its finished it will look awesome, but man, its taking forever
  11. I wish that sumone would make sumthing to cover the rear up. Even like a diffuser would be nice. B/c I love how the Gas tank hangs out, It looks so cool
  12. yeah, difficulty isnt and issue. I dunno why im trying to find a way around cutting, but it looks like that is the easist and cleanest way to go
  13. I have a set of alipne type-S 6.5" I would like to fit them in the doors, But our cars have 5.25" speakers in the door, correct? does anyone have any suggestions for fitting these 6.5" with out cutting the door pannel to pieces? Pics would be nice if you have them
  14. I wont have that kinda money till about after thanksgiving. Think we can muster 40 ppl by christmas?
  15. IN THE NAME OF SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW MUCH IS IT!!!!!! OHHHHHH BUUUUDDDY!!!!!!!!! ITS ON!!!! HOW MUCH?!?!? HOW MUCH?!?!? HOW MUCH?!?!? HOW MUCH?!?!? HOW MUCH?!?!? HOW MUCH?!?!? HOW MUCH?!?!?
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