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  1. I've got the HKS intake plumbing and bypass valve, but not really looking to get rid of it at the moment.


    I do have period correct Greddy/Trust parts that I don't mind getting rid of

    I have:

    Greddy Profec-A (fuzzy logic) boost controller, all wiring, sensors, manual

    Greddy Rebic III auxillary fuel controller with wiring, manual

    Greddy fuel injectors, bosses welded into an over valve cover pipe

    Greddy Rebic III simulator with connector cable to connect to rebic III, manual

    Greddy Turbo Timer

    The Greddy parts were pulled from my car, working when I moved to MPFI with AEM

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  2. I forget the first guy that made them, but i was in that group buy and never got my hood, then i was poor while mookeeh was making them.

    I found out boosted diamonds made them after i already acquired an oem hood, but everything else I've gotten from Jan has been extremely good (scoop, vents, headlight covers).


    I wanted to see if he could mold and make my Godzilla Louvers in CF, but I got them shipped courier from Japan for a whopping total of 3g's brand new old stock.

    He's across the country from me, and I've had too many parts lost or damaged by shipping companies recently to risk it.

    Most recently USPS managed to damage a Starion taillight i bought that was in excellent condition.

  3. 3 hours ago, nc_beagle said:

    Thanks all. Didn't mean to compare my LeBaron GTS, that was just the car I had at the time. I did like it though, especially that it was a hatchback.

    I think I'm looking to have something I'd drive around the area and on the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway. I wouldn't want one more than lightly modified. I'm definitely not looking for a major project car.

    They are extremely rare in our area. I can't think of the last time I saw one. There was a nice one that sold for about $15K in an auction a couple hours from me. Probably should have taken a shot on that one. 

    They weren't common when i bought mine in 99.  Took a while to find one that wasn't in a junkyard.

  4. 4 hours ago, THX181 said:

    2 questions. 

    1. Power steering reservoir hose, anyone run silicone? The "Gates" parts store stuff is rock hard after a year. 

    2. Can an admin change my permissions? I like to add some knowledge to the occasional post that I might happen to know something about. 

    And I do know a few things, been a mechanic for decades. 



    I just use replacement hose from the dealer.

  5. Ok so my cad skills stink.  I started off now attacking the vr4 calipers.

    I made a cardboard bracket for now and I'm passing that off to my friend who is a draftsman to make a 2d model.  From there i can extrude it and make myself a 3d printed mock up.

    Should the mockup work out, I'll get it made in aluminum.

    If anyone else wants a set I'll find out how much it would be.



    After i have the vr4 calipers done, I'll continue to work on a ls430 caliper bracket.





  6. 18 hours ago, techboy said:

    Try the PETG and see how you like it. Its a bit stronger than PLA and gives a smoother print. It won't look as layered as PLA.  I like PLA for models but find it breaks pretty easy for anything functional.

    Thanks, I'll pick up some petg and reprint might be better for this application 

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