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  1. sold local to Pittsburgh. mods, you can lock/delete.
  2. shelby, love this topic as I'm a small engine nut too. got: 440cc snowmobile engine for minibike 5hp tamper 3hp tamper 3 chainsaws 2 6.5hp push mowers snapper RER upgraded from the puke 8hp to a 15.5 hp 4hp lawn aerator 5.5hp sump pump 5hp minibike 5.5 hp pressure washer 5hp pressure washer 3hp montgomery ward brush cutter Stihl pole saw 3 weed wackers - one has engine on trimmer head blower 2 flymo 2-stoke hover mowers 2 3hp antique reel mowers Dewalt 4500W generator with unknown Honda 2000i generator Forgot - here's my list of brands Honda, Stihl, B&S, Wizard, Subaru/Robins, Homelite, MW, Weedeater,. Love the hondas and stihls, everything else is a pain.
  3. Still available, G54Bstore is first, he is waiting on shipping quote but if shipping's too high it's yours.
  4. I have two sets so I figured I'd let one go. I decent shape other than paint, no hardware - can't remember where I put them. $100. Located in Plum, PA; 20min from Pittsburgh. Send me a PM if interested.
  5. Figured I would give this a necro-post bump..seeing if any are out there
  6. Yeah I talked to Paul (Kreal) a while back and he didn't seem too interested. I don't want to pry them off anyone, lol, just would like to buy some for the car for when and IF it makes it to shows. Else, they will be wall ornaments as I don't want them rolling off down tha road Creaky, let me know if you want tah give them up. The boss will have tah stay - ive lost a lot of blood working on that ride - its a part of me, lol.
  7. factory wheelcaps that were known to fly off
  8. Every so often, I try to find a set so if anyone has any PM me Hopefully, I'll find a set eventually! Thanks, Christopher
  9. I would be willing but it probably would cost you as much as the trans itself. I've never shipped a trans before so couldn't begin to give you prices.
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