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  1. I'm gonna go out on a limb that maybe just maybe he's talking about Witch Hunter performance in Duvall WA. Either way, I've had great experiences with Witch Hunter (I actually used to live not to far from him and got some DSM injectors cleaned many moons ago, he did great work).
  2. Howdy folks. Long time Starion appreciator, first time owner. I cut my teeth on AWD DSMs in my youth and always wanted a widebody starion but could never seem to find one worth buying. This 88 Popped up recently and I couldn't help myself, so it's going on the project pile 🤣. Car runs and drives, and recently had some body work done to restore some rusted bits (sheet metal, not bondo...). The engine seems to be in reasonably good condition, but there are a bunch of electrical gremlins lurking about causing a host of running issues so I'll be putting her down for the winter and getting that stuff sorted so I can hopefully paint and enjoy over the summer/fall. Plan is (roughly) as follows: Basic maintenance (that engine bay needs a scrubbin) and inventory of what's going on with it. Timingchain/waterpump/BS delete/etc while I'm in there Fix/lube all the lock/door/etc mechanisms. The whole car feels...sticky and I'm afraid I'm gonna shear off the damn key. Sheet metal intake / MPI conversion with a Megasquirt 2 / injectors / etc I have laying around New exhaust manifold (stocker leaks like hell) and a modestly larger turbo. Replace the tiny baby honda half size radiator the PO installed with a suitably sized replacement Give er' a paintin. I'm not much of a body guy but I can huff fumes with the best of em and I'd like that bodywork to last. Install a stock fuel tank (they have a partially secured cell in the hatch... super safe...) and enough fuel for some modest power. I don't really have 'big' power aspirations with it, but I'd like to put her back in a state to be an enjoyable toy that can still rip when appropriate. Lookin forward to sharing the journey with you folks :). (sorry for the potato quality on the engine pic, took it the night she was delivered)
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