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  1. just wanted to let everyone know I sold it on Hemmings auction who I would so recommend huge exposure huge interest for big dollars thanks all the new owner is going to become a starquest member
  2. Thank you no this it's amazing barn find you know runs like a champ pretty straight body I was just trying to make it perfect but I then my parents died so I don't have time to finish I would never let it go if I had time it's the funnest car I've ever had in my life I'm a Porsche guy and you know this thing is faster than several of the Porsches that I've owned way faster than my Boxster S
  3. Also I put brand new tires on it and new brakes changed all the fluids has a new spark plug wires cap and rotor new fuel pump you could come take this car and drive it home right now it's it's beautiful I hate to Let It Go but I just don't have any more time my parents died now so now we have multiple houses to deal with I have a Jeep Wrangler I have a 2020 Toyota Tacoma I have a twin turbocharged Ford Edge and a boat and too many houses to deal with I just can't deal with this car right now
  4. And I just wanted to let you know that the car has never been driven like that I don't run this car that hard I did it for the video I don't think I put 150 miles on it since 2004 and Francine's mom was 60 years old when she bought it so this car is never been driven hard it's a gem I just wanted to make sure that somebody that would appreciate it bought it and not turned it into some street drag race car in La Drifter this car is so time capsule perfect if somebody just finished the project that I started would have themselves a classic story on that's just original
  5. Just to remind you I'm at 6,000 ft altitude which means you lose about 2 lb of boost and the car is still so scary fast it's not even funny when I drove it in Fairfield at 66 ft altitude literally slams you in the seat
  6. If. You are interested look under topic looking for esir in California that runs 2 videos and 66 pics
  7. Hey if you're still interested I have a 1988 esir original owner 67,000 MI 5 speed Sophia White and it came with the rare cloth interior that's in excellent condition runs like a champion it was my wife's Mother's car who died in 2004 it's on it on a California non-op so there's no past due fees and it was stored in the garage for since 2004 until we moved last year I'm located in SoCal let me know if you're still interested in purchasing a really really nice car it's got a clean California title I have all the original paperwork from the sale it was purchased in Reno Nevada and then brought to Northern California to the Bay Area I have the original bill of sale the certificate of origin the owner's manuals all the factory tools spare tire everything's there this car is completely bone stock original never modified I'm just to let you know it's going to need to be repainted was planning to do it but I just don't have time anymore too many projects but the bodies straight never been wrecked but it had somebody laid something against the front fender and put a small dent in the driver side front fender and was repairing it and fixing all the door little door games and the scratches so it's got white primer spots on it inside is amazing the shift boot fell apart so it needs a shift boot and the upper door panel covers have some sun damage but all the rest of the Interior is really a cream puff let me know I was going to put it on bat but they were taking forever so I kind of gave up so I have over 100 pictures cold start video and driving video that I can give you the links to and forward you the pics
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