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  1. Update: Car is crushed, i saved a few things. hood, Doors and hinges, gauge cluster, front fenders (rust on bottom though), rear glass hatch, misc A/C lines, hub (think it's rear), glove box, complete heat shield and maybe a few other things. message me if you are intertested in any of these things i saved.
  2. I do but it is completely rusted out. I was going to use it on my project conquest but decided against it. PM me if you're interested.
  3. Looking for a gas tank for my 88 Conquest. closer to Houston the better. Thanks!
  4. i have a steering wheel, ill PM you pictures sometime this weekend. I do not have factory radio.
  5. Nope, Sorry (no drivetrain parts EXCEPT rear diff, axles, subframe)
  6. I'll message you about the coat hanger this weekend. Thanks, Ezra
  7. Redcat, i'm still waiting to take the car apart but i'll get those hinge pictures as soon as i start!
  8. not a problem! i'll try and get those parts this weekend. i'll PM you once i have them and can take pictures.
  9. I can check this when i go this weekend! i'll message you on what i find.
  10. I just sold this! let me know if you need anything else though
  11. I was able to find one! thank you though
  12. Sorry, no turbo. only thing left of the drive train is the rear dif, axles and driveshaft.
  13. no bites yet so those pictures would be great! and it's okay if it's next week or something. I'm barely starting this project so no rush haha. and I get it, definitely be better to sell as a whole. thank you!
  14. Looking for an automatic transmission dispstick for my 89 conquest. I have the tube. just need the actual dipstick. BUT honestly, i'd be super happy just getting pictures of length and marking from someone who has an automatic. thank you!
  15. Hello, I have a 1988 Mitsubishi Starion that came in a package deal. Let me know what you need or want. But please be patient with me as this car is at my parents place and I'll only be able to go on weekends to get more parts/pictures. Willing to ship most things at buyer's expense. Otherwise located North of Houston Texas. Manual car with no engine or trans but still has rear dif. let me know. thanks! Current parts ALREADY CALLED FOR: passenger taillight (driver one is cracked headlight switches starion badge and starion horn cover a-frame pillars https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kzuIUJC_WdLNu3DsEluzGuVjPQgVYzN0?usp=sharing
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