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  1. the part #'s I have are MB509460 w/o LCD meter and MB509461 w/LCD meter
  2. I believe it will hit the power steering box as well.
  3. Well I'm running behind as always. so I guess I'll see you when I get there.
  4. Was just thinking that it would be cool to caravan in with ya.
  5. Whats your plan for the drive up?
  6. As of right now looks like I'll be going and I'll probably be crashing on your floor..
  7. Well I don't have a room, so it's looking like I wont be making it. But I did get the car already to go other then washing it. I could still make it if someone wants to share a room, but that"s a long shot at this point.
  8. You should be asking $2900 for it. it has a rare 89 auto-down window switch. This it a good running car. Oh and the e-brake cables are there, but the e-brake dose not work. Someone need to get this car.
  9. I'll need to share a room or sleep in my car.. 1. Dad, wife and not sure which Quest. 2. me (IntercooledFlatty) and the wifie bringing Olive, and hopefully Toby too 3. 87quest-TSI
  10. I guess I should have checked this earlier. When you headed back?
  11. Well then Paulie should have let me know he was going to be up this way. He could have stopped by.
  12. Didn't know you where selling it and it looks like you drove by my house to deliver it. Should have let me know and stopped by.
  13. Good morning to you to. I hope you have a good day.
  14. I'm poor right now, so I dug up a good used one from my parts pile. also sending you a pm.
  15. Sure do and sure can. It's a poor design. it failed in the heat affected zone, but the weld it self is not that good ether.
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