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  1. Maf unplugged and only running on secondary with primary plug and runs better but wt....
  2. But how and why does my car run without maf plugged in also
  3. Injectors are on correct sides if I change them around I get black smoke and dont rev at all but will idle
  4. I have a 87 quest and just installed new non jet head a t3t4 turbo 2.5" intercooler piping and 3" exhaust no cats.and egr delete I have never seen this on any starquest that I've owned, after all installed and timed it runs good but when I go to rev up it stumbles and cant rev past 3k but hold on I checked injectors clips which have been replaced but the thing is if I unplug the secondary injector it will rev higher but still stumbles but dont die? And also I can do all this with my maf UNPLUGGED? ?? The car ran perfectly fine before I took it apart I am stumped and changed the computer out also to see if it was an issue
  5. Ok I remember that car now talked to you when I worked at champion part city. Wanna deliver it to wausau?
  6. I have one ill sell for 4k have over 10k invested or I will probably start parting it out look at pics on my profile if interested
  7. was just pissed about a member on here who wanted car and we agreed to a deal and he sold the car he was going to trade for mine. I don't beat my cars just drive them how they were made and snow was gone but came back. I wash it 2 times a week or more also
  8. 4500 cash ready to go have 3rd child on the way and that's more important at this point all extras and spare engine and head go too and as far as driving in snow car is rubberized and washed 2 sometimes 3 times a week this is s really good deal for such a clean car and what had been done and as well as extra parts. Text phone if interested
  9. Not for sale at this point as I had a car deal that fell thru and ill be driving her in the snow drifting
  10. $4500 cash it is sitting in my garage and im moving to cali need gone. I have a t3t4 also to go with it and extra set of original rims plus extra parts call or text me 715-846-6600 if interested will need a master cylinder for brakes but if it warms up a little i will have that fixed and it will be a driver. I DONT HAVE INTERNET SO PLEASE CALL OR TEXT THANKS ALSO HAS NEW REAR TIRES AND AIRDAM WAS GLUED BACK TOGETHER
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