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  1. Well I figured since my old 1986 dodge charger made about 350WHP with a 8v TII I4 dodge engine and a few mods (injectors, tune, cam, ported intake, exhaust and head, bigger turbine housing, performance springs and retainers, walbro 255.), these mitsu motors should handle way more. I don't want to spend the money on a g54b/4g64 starion if it's not going to outperform a cheap old dodge. I'm planning on serious RWD power, not mild power.
  2. @Ginasq I'm looking for 600whp without having to rev the piss out of a motor, I figured if the 4g64 could rev that high and displace more than a 4g63, it could make more power than 4g63/ g54b even at lower rpm. I was thinking something like holset hx40 for turbo.
  3. Woah. What the heck is that sukira head? how many valves?
  4. Dang. I was hoping maybe someone had some schematics to the dohc but I couldn't design my own. I was thinking maybe like $4000 for a head max but that's crazy if the race team couldn't even get it working for $20000. I like the g54b and don't want to do a swap but I really wanted DOHC. I am willing to do 4g64 swap, but would like to avoid it if possible. What is the max hp of the 8v g54b and the 12v g54b? The 12 valve sounds like a viable option if it will make similar power to the 4g64 for less money and work.
  5. Also, I heard talk of a wideblock 4g54 that accepts 4g64 heads, is this true?
  6. Okay, I like the sound of the 4g64 so far. But just out of curiosity, if I were to get a DOHC g54b head machined (yes I know "not possible", "too expensive", whatever just go with it.), what metal would be needed? and what treatment? (ie: Aluminum: 7075 or 6061)
  7. Does anyone have head flow numbers from SOHC g54b, DOHC 4g63, DOHC g54b?
  8. Well do you think the head could be 3d printed and then just get metal cams, valves, retainers, etc.?
  9. Thanks for the info and the awesome website. I have some friends with 4g63s and some with welding skills I think we can get it done. I have considered the 2jz but I kind of like telling people they got whooped on 4 cyl. lol. As far as the parts for g54b dohc being so rare, I was wondering if anyone has ever considered using modern science and just 3d printing the parts. There are high temp plastics available that can withstand the temp of the engine and you should be able to have one printed for less than $2500. Any thoughts on that option? would that be as powerful as 4g63?
  10. Hey everyone, I am looking into getting a starion and was wondering if an engine swap would be worth the trouble if I got one. I was originally thinking just doing a 4g63 swap, but then I heard about the de-stroked 4g64, which gives 2.1l displacement and around an 11000 rpm redline. Would either of these motors be worth the trouble or should I stick with a g54b starion? The other option would be dohc g54b. Also if anyone is selling a starion, let me know please. Thanks.
  11. @Natallica That's a shame, I hate to see numbered cars wasted.
  12. Thanks everyone, yes sexygomer I am on turbo-mopar and turbododge.
  13. questbooster


    Photos of my 1988 Shelby CSX-T.
  14. Does this community have any get togethers based on location? (ie: Track meet for people in pittsburgh area, or swap meet, etc.)
  15. Thank you all for the welcome. Here is a photo of my current car.
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