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  1. Testing the waters for my 87 Conquest 5 speed. Has a SALVAGED TITLE but it was because the insurance company didn't want to pay shop prices to fix the front end after a kid hit me at about 5 mph. He bent the front bumper support and destroyed the cosmetic stuff but everything else is fine. PROS: Has a cloth red cloth interior in pretty good condition. Crackless dash and good headliner, carpet could use some attention. Was told the engine was rebuilt about 40k ago by the last owner but have no paper work to prove it. Runs well and is my daily driver. Has new tires with 95% tread up front and 90% tread in the back, they are Good year all-season eagle gt tires. 3 inch turbo-back exhaust. Brand new alternator, master and slave clutch cylinders, and starter. CONS: Needs an alignment. The brakes and suspension are pretty worn. One of the front SHP wheels is bent, but still holds air and rolls fine. Rain soaks the carpet on the drivers side floor, unable to find the leak as there are no obvious holes/rust spots. 176k miles on the rest of the car. Overall a great car for either someone who has some front end parts to slap on it, wants a good start to a track car, or great for parts, both mechanical and body parts are in good condition. Located in Bellingham, WA 425-736-1752 call or text if interested http://www.starquest...lery&user=24934 There is a link to my gallery for pictures. The airdam is sold.
  2. ephalants

    My red 87

    This is my red 87 with shp front wheels, 83 hood, 88 ecu and cloth red interior with a recently rebuilt engine that i got for $1600.
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    For sale

    Things I'm selling
  4. It's been raining for the past coupe of days and I noticed water in the foot well. I dried it up but it keeps coming back so it's obviously leaking from somewhere. I saw threads about this happening in the passenger side foot well and people were saying that it was the AC drain being clogged but no one said anything about the drivers side. I haven't been able to find any obvious leaks on the bottom of the car so I was wondering if you guys could help me out. Thanks in advance.
  5. I don't have a very large budget(college kid) but I would like to get ride of my bouncy suspension and lower my car all at the same time. Used stuff is great but about 300 is the highest I can pay.
  6. Hey are you going to be parting out body parts. I could use some 87 fog lights.
  7. Hey i am in the process of rebuilding the front end of my car and the last parts that I need are a pair of fog lights for my 87. I bought some a while back but they were from an older car and have different connections. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. Exactly as the title says, I need new suspension so it's time to go lower. I'm not racing so I don't need $1200 d2 coils. But some nice springs and struts that won't blow on me and have nice ride quality. No cut springs please.
  9. So my suspension is getting bouncy and it will be time for a replacement soon, so I am wondering about options such as different companies, brands, etc. I would also like to lower it a modest amount, not slam it on its nuts or anything, but make her look better. Any ideas?
  10. Hey I'm 18 and I have had my 87 quest for about 6 months. I had that same problem with my engine and it turned out to be my ignition system. Just tune it up and it will run ALOT better. I couldn't pass a proud before my new distributor, wires, and plugs but I beat an s4 the other day!
  11. I crashed my car and all I need to finish the repairs is the metal support framing for the bumper. I am in the Seattle area. Much appreciated
  12. Ugh I wish I had the money!! I have SHP fronts on my car but no rears. GLWS
  13. I crashed about a month ago and crushed the front right side of the car where the light and turn signal are. I don't have dash and gauge lights after this and can't figure out how to fix it.
  14. My friend is offering me a trade for my quest. The 240z would be a stock white one and my car has a 3 inch exhaust, SHP front rims, rebuilt engine, and an 88 ecu. I'm not sure if I'm ready to part with my car but but the 240z is nice. Opinions?
  15. I slid into a tree last Sunday and I need a bumper and an airdam. I am in Washington and drive an 87 widebody.
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