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    getting my 88 quest to look better then it did when it came off the line... im intersted in cars and cars only i get a chubby when i c a sexy car driving down the road
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    Rockford Illinois
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    San Marino Yellow
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  1. 88 & 89 seats have a square headrest and look like racing seats the rest have a scorpion head rest and look like regular seats
  2. No my old one was all factory equipment besides an aftermarket air intake
  3. Yea that is true but never nock something off of words..
  4. There car was 75% complete and no rust better then any other I saw for sale on here so the only sucker was me
  5. I'd like to get ahold of that hood
  6. Well Idk how that works there's absolutely no rust front seats are bad but Idk if I'll settle for 800 now
  7. I've got a yellow 88 w/sunroof and some spare parts few hours out of Chicago
  8. My phone app don't have pic availability... it's a yellow rust free 88 with 72000 miles and yes it's the Rockford listing. I've got like 20 hits and no1 is a serious buyer.. nothing wrong with the motor I just had all gaskets changed timing redone arp head studs just needs minor things to be a solid car
  9. I've got a good conquest up for sale
  10. how do i get the stock boost gauge to work with a aftermarket air intake on my 88 quest
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