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  1. Trying to sell my car. I just cant afford it right now and moneys getting tight. Heres the link to my Craigslist post. Also for you guys on starquest ill throw in a s*** ton of parts including the a lsd,head,manifold,throttle body, and probably whatever else i dont sell from my for sale post. Thanks Hope you guys will find her a good home. Give me a call if your interested. 615-480-2496 Terry T. http://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/cto/2331283368.html
  2. Thanks and yes everything needs alittle cleaning but the cowls are good and intact
  3. i can ship it there for 75 shipped if interested let me know
  4. its gonna be 21 shipped for the buttons let me know
  5. Im going to be selling my 89 conquest soon so its time to start clearing out the garage. This is the prices without shipping. Will calculate shipping when I get your zip code. Thanks -foglights (30) -turbo door handles (30) one has a crack down the underside of the handle good though -full digital instrument cluster (30) -steering wheel (25) leather is perfect -windshield cowls -black hatch carpet (25) -regular instrument cluster with 130k (20) -mis all buttons and switches for interior (? -full 87 head (60) -4 lug axles (40) - 87 lsd (60) -89 mass air flow assembly (15) -84 mass assembly with canister and wires (15) -radiator fan. engine mounted one (20) - 2 full relay assemblys (15 each) -antenna relay computer (5) -speed control computer (5) -non intercooled turbo (pending) -tan interior pieces (pending) -grill (pending) -knock box (pending) -fusable link box(5) -stock radio (15) -fog bezels (pending) -valve cover (15) -full intake manifold and throttle body minus injectors,tps,and coolent temp sensors (30) http://s1121.photobucket.com/albums/l520/TerryT123456789/Mobile%20Uploads/
  6. if your still insterested in the belts and hardware i got them for sale now
  7. yes there in good condition not bent or anything
  8. sorry man i meant parts from the 84 the 89 is my running car. i just replaced parts so im selling the old stuff.
  9. I spent all full 24 hrs on getting all this stuff out. Everything is either from my 84 technica flatty/ 87 fatty/ or the 89 shp. Everythings either tan,brown,or black. If there is something you need that I havent pulled such as engine parts or wiring let me know today cause its going away soon..Everything is the price plus shipping so pm me with your zip and well work it out. text if i dont get back to you soon enough i got a busy weekend. Thanks Terry. 615-480-2496. -set of black foglight bezels 10 -89 maf sensor 15 -pair of black headlight surrounds 15 -left and right windshield cowls 40 -black grill 20 -non intercooled turbo (good) 20 -relay box with popup, head/tail/etc fusabile link box 15 -eci,ign, and fusebox fusable link box 5 -84 knock control box 5 -84 maf with box and accordian pipe 15 -87 manifold with hairline crack 10 -84 full digital instrument cluster 30 -84 tan lower door panels 15 -84 tan upper door panels 15 -84 brown door grips 15 -brown sunvisors 15 -brown ashtray and cigarette lighter 5 -brown fusebox cover 5 -dark brown dash covers 15 -turbo emblem (not sure if factory or not) 1 -black guage cluster cover 10 -84 column switch with harness and plug 20 -84 rear tan quarter trims 20 -84 rear brown upper quarter trim 20 -84 brown lap round trim 15 -tan scuff plates 5 -manual front seatbelt(s) ones is brown and tan 20 other is black and grey 20 comes with all brackets to install -brown rearview mirror 5 -brown domelight 10 -brown roofside trim 5 -87 4 bolt axles 40 -tan rear hatch pieces got both right sides and rear piece 10 -
  10. yea ill have all the prices up sunday afternoon. then we will take car of shipping and everything.
  11. seats look good the drivers is alittle weather cracked but not bad at all
  12. yea man sorry i found the old stuff you post and its just to much work to get all the harness. thanks though.
  13. so i think im gonna give up on the digital dash swap...its not worth it. but if you guys are interested give me a call for parts -digital dash -talking etacs -complete tan interior -stock motor all there - 4 lug wheels -everything that came on the car is there besides the radio bezel. text or call if you want something pulled. its gonna get smashed on monday...615-480-2496 terry
  14. no the airdams gone so nothings under neath it. would that be a problem for cooling?
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