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  1. Ok, i have blown the piston rings in the engine I have and need one to drop in it so i can still drive it while i rebuild the one i pull out. I would rather pick up if close, I'm in upstate NY (ft. drum) a/c 13602 just in the case of shipping.
  2. aight i'll check it out tomarrow. thanks bro
  3. holeshot


    i crashed it into a curb due to ice and snow...i nsnapped the tie rod in two and need another asap. anyone got one????
  4. Hey Man do what you got to do. I'm not going to get all butt hurt over it, not missing out on something I don't have lol but thanks for wanting to hold on to it. Is it hard to do it myself with the two? Where can it be done at?
  5. fair enough, thanks...greatly apretiated!
  6. Anyway you can hold on to it for a week? If you can I definitly want that!! Let me know
  7. I need a knock box for a 87 and a set of oil cooler lines if possible
  8. I have been having this problem for a while.it boost fine until After driving for about 45 min or so I loose boosting ability. And its a gradual thing it will lose it a few psi at a time until I have to feather the throtle to get it to go. When it does it, it jumps and bucks when it boost...its a 87 with no major mods..any sugestions or thoughts on why it would be doing this?
  9. I'm in one hell of a pickle... my knock box went out on me completely today. I resoldered the connections and it worked for a while but it is tko now.... I live 30 min from post and NEED my quest to get there. If anyone can send me one and trust my word on a payment Monday it wold be a life saver. If not....well I'm still going to need one so let me know if anyone out there has one. Thanks
  10. well it wasnt the actual actuator going bad, the nipple from the boost controler broke almost all the way off. I checked my clamps a few weeks ago and they were tight but i didnt check the pluming too well. I'll go back and check the plumming if i get some daylight tomarrow. Its only boosting like 12psi, How accurate is the stock boost gage?
  11. aight i think i found the problem, i un hooked the wastegate acuator and manualy opend it and it boosted and pulled hard again. so looks like a new acuator. thanks
  12. well i do but i cant seem to find the connecting cord for my camera or my phone....
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