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  1. Nothing was done to the car, I’m thinking it’s the alternator with a back feed, and I am not sure where the relay would be for that! Do u know where the relay is ? @860QuestTuner
  2. Nope it’s original no upgrade, it does have aftermarket msd blaster 2 coil.
  3. I tried a new switch it’s not the problem either
  4. Hey friends! My 86 Starion won’t shut off when I take the keys out the ignition, I have a good batt, fuse links near batt are good and my alternator is good I am not sure what it could be, any help would be great thanks! Cheers! 👍🏽
  5. Thanks Bill! ima give it a try over the weekend
  6. Fuse #6 is good checked fuses :) its my two front side marker lights that have no power to them
  7. My side marker lights don’t turn on and have no power to them
  8. Hey there Friends! My climate control doesn’t want to turn off, everything work on it except the off button, it just keep blowing air, can anyone please help thanks a lot cheers!
  9. checked those cables still nothing and cleaned the contacts and still nothing
  10. checked the alt its good, and as far as the tightness on the belt it pretty tight i dont see how that would mess with the car not turning on.
  11. I was driving home when i notice my car was losing power and and died on me i got it towed and got the batt recharged, everything turned on and started right up no problem i tested the coil, alternator , fuse links ,and solenoid they all had power with test light so i went ahead and pull the negative wire off the batt it turns off, when i test everything again after the car turned off i have no power any where, so i jump a wire from the solenoid to the positive batt and i have power everywhere except the coil, has me thinking its coming from the ingniton switch. any help is appreciated Thanks starquest Pepps!
  12. Thanks for the info Vbrad511 that's good to know!
  13. Hi I have a 86 starion im looking for a drivers side headlight motor and a passenger front park light piece thanks for your time!
  14. I need the driver head light motor if anyone has one thank starquest fam!
  15. Hi i live in southern California looking for a differential and torque tube or if any one knows of a good place that builds them for cheao that would be awsome im willing to go the distance to get it rebuilt for cheap let me know starquest Fam thanks cheers!!
  16. I need the fatty body type!
  17. I need a passenger side marker light piece. Thanks
  18. I can stop by where are you located ? I'm in Los Angeles
  19. Hi, do you have a block off plate for the cylinder head?
  20. That would be so awesome if you did!
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