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  1. shipped to 48127, dearborn heights, mi. sorry
  2. dibs on the other. email me, volocom@hotmail.com. thank you
  3. i do have stock hood, doors, and extra trans and a bunch of other parts that will come with the car.
  4. yes its up AGAIN. i need someone to buy this thing lol. 1987 conquest tsi. everythings running. spun bearings last summer just got it runnin again. replaced the crank and bearings. new 12a turbo. yellow and black. crappy paint job but its run pretty much perfect. needs nothing. 100 miles tops. 313-676-9888, text for pics. please do not pm me, im hardly on here. located in dearborn heights michigan. looking for 2000 o.b.o. have over 3000 in it.
  5. oh yeah, comes with a TON of extra parts that i wasnt able to sell, trans, doors, back window, seats, dash, and everything i else i forgot
  6. located in dearborn michigan. just finished rebuilding the engine. maybe 5 miles on it, still in the break in period. clean inside and out. stock everything execpt replaced exhaust last year and ovc pipe with bov. runs great, doesnt over heat. we got a clutch fan off an old dodge 50 so you dont have to worry about the electrical fans anymore. 12a still pushin strong at 8psi. should be able to crank it up more. willing to trade or shoot me an offer. thanks. will have pics up once i find my camera. 313-676-9888
  7. i know i saw some people selling them on here awhile back. anyone else got one on here? thanks
  8. thanks guys. ive been reading alot on the mpi and other forums and yeah like you guys said, read read read. winters coming up and so the car gets put away and start working untill next spring anyways.
  9. wanna upgrade car but dont have alot of money. what do you think this would give me? (hp?) upgrade injectors to about 75 pounds? upgrade fuel pump. bigger turbo (t3/t4?) modded throttle body if i can find it. still looking around. would love to go with mpi but dont have the money. any suggestions would be helpful. thanks
  10. i got a pair that came out of an 87. should work?
  11. just the turbo? how much to 48127. thanks
  12. i can do 35+shipping? for both. text me 313-676-9888
  13. got alot of extra parts if you need anything. pm me please
  14. got it, i have the whole cluster, are you needing the left or right side. or do you want both?
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