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  1. hey guys i really need a 86 ignition controll module? or knock box? the black box with the conectors by the coil. perferbally close to the bay area and cheap. i just totalled my daily driver so i need to get my quest running asap! its got a blown head gasket and no spark so if anyone could come give me a hand that would be awsome too hit me up i dont check here often but i will either messege me or call or text me at 4089638506
  2. hey i get paid on thursday of this week i will have the money then and will be able to pick it up im in san jose what year did it come off of and do you know if it will work on any year ive got a 86 with no spark hopeing this is the problem so let me know give me a call or text or something 4089638506
  3. thats my next step another question is on thdistibutor wiring tothe plugs is know the firing order is 1342 i just dontremember wat goes where
  4. i had spark untill the thermostat started leaking into the dizzy and compleetly fried it im not sure the distributor went in right the car it stuck at my dads work 50 miles away i took out the distributor got a new one put it in and now no spark so idk what it coould be the coil is good and its got a brand new cap and rotor and plugs n wires so idk im stuck anythin that would of shorted because of the dizzy shorting?
  5. i just bought my secocnd quest got it half way home had a blown head gasket and and fried dizzy so new dizzy in still no spark any bay area locals that ive talked to befor wanna help me out figurin why no spark in im san jose my old profile was brianG any one remember me? and help?
  6. i need a distributor bought a 86 conquest had a blown head gasket and fried dizzy i am flat broke and in debt anyone willin to trade for a non op pocket bike or at least the dizzy conector and part that goes in i think its the pick up and everything i also have some turbo door handels
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