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  1. forgot to mention currently has a power steering leak but will be fixed before sale, also has no front air-dam
  2. shp with new rear tires n good fronts, 5-speed, all original, has a full size shp rear spare, rims are all a bit rough, i believe the driver side rear strut is bad as that corner sits a little lower that then rest of the car, was originally red but previous owner primered over it, everything but a/c and speedometer work odometer stopped at 103k, has been my daily driver for about 8 months, new crank pulley, water pump, and rebuilt alternator, slight stutter sometimes around 3500 rpm can gte pictures on request, 2k obo would like to get a bike so if you have one to trade let me know nothing crazy just something of equal value for a straight up trade
  3. one of the power steering lines on my 89tsi started leaking and it seems to be coming from the connection between the hard line and the rubber hose can just the hose be replaced or do you have to replace the entire line?
  4. thanks got it off and the new one on.. no more leaks :hmm3grin2orange:
  5. got a new filler neck to replace the old leaky one.. got everything unbolted but cant get the rubber hose to come off the old neck to pull it out.. any tips to get it to let go?
  6. how much for a 105 amp kit shipped to Florida 33880?
  7. alright thanks guys just order both a black and red fusible link.. Hopefully be able to get the quest back on the road soon
  8. what kind of link goes where the inline fuse is in this pic http://i44.tinypic.com/6hm7ok.jpg also what fusible link is the alternator on
  9. can anyone tell me the rating on this fusible link and where it is located?
  10. where is the fuse located?
  11. ok how much voltage should be at the small white/green wire while the car is running it had 7 volts
  12. voltage seems to be good on everything but the battery light doesnt come on at all.. will that bulb being blown stop the car from charging?
  13. got an 89 tsi that stopped charging about a week ago. Pulled the alternator and had it tested, it was good battery was tested and is good no blown fuses any where and all the connections I've been able to get to are good... any ideas what could be behind the problem?? had the car for about 4 months and it always stayed right around 13 volts now nothing
  14. do you have a fuel filler neck?
  15. I need a fuel filler neck for a 89 tsi shipped to florida 33880
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