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  1. Headlight switch it's sold sorry. I don't have and spindles
  2. Shipping is $4, Paypal is 6t4hoodride@gmail.com
  3. a few things i need outa my way and there all $5 each vaccum pump vaccum canister abs pump intake manifold new exhaust manifold gasket 3 mas sensors 1 is an 86, the two others have lids 2 harmonic balancers 1 headlight switch coolant res. dip stick and tube timing cover fuseable link block (the one with 3 links) valve cover
  4. shipping is $17 via usps priority, or $12 parcel post, paypal is 6t4hoodride@gmail.com
  5. condensor is in good shape, its straight, has a few bent fins here and there but you can always comb them back out, i have the line with the sensors on it also, i dont have the brackets but i have the heat shields for the side of the turbo (strut to firewall) im checking on the shipping!
  6. hey all ive got a few things i need to get rid of that are taking up needed space bunch of stock hard pipes and soft pipes $depends 1 jv head clean but needs a valve job $20 tons of heat shields $depends oil cooler and good lines $40 condensor and hard lines and a few other bits aswell i can send pics of parts, just shoot an email address
  7. i think i got it figured out! i had a vaccum line wrong from the boost sensor to the solenoid. thanks a million for the help! i knew after goin crazy on this thing it had to be something simple that i was just overlooking. seems to run good now
  8. pm"d.. sorry for the delay
  9. checked that and replaced the fpr, still does it... geez
  10. yeah you can use a 1g, ive got one on my car, you will need to solder wires to the 1g terminals, and youll realy need part of the pig tail from the stock maf. i can tell you where the wires hook up tomorrow (cars at my shop)
  11. well i have an 86 quest pretty much stock besides trilogy injectors and a 1g mas, sometimes you can start the car and it will run like crap, turn it off and restart it and it will run fine, other times it will start and run fine take off down the road and all of a sudden it just falls on it face, sometimes after a pull and other times when your just cruisin, once it falls on its face it starts idling up and down. turn it off and then restart it and it will run fine. ive reset the isc, replaced and set tps, replaced knock box with another good one just to try, new fuel filters, cap rotor button, tried other mas's. still does it. its got new injectors, and clips also, have good fuel pressure.. its killin me ive got to be lookin over something simple
  12. i use one from advance purolator number p21111 they can cross the number if needed, these filter work fine, no trouble pulling through unless clogged
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