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  1. Dang... If only this was in my price range. Doubt you'd be willing to take 3500. Good luck to ya!
  2. Hey Guys, I'm looking for another Starion/Conquest to replace the one I sold several years ago- preferably the widebody style. I live in Orem, UT. I've got family who Live in Lyman Wyoming. Let me know if you know anyone who's selling within Utah or near Uinta County WY. Would prefer to drive it home... PM me with details or shoot me a text. 801-644-9829. Thanks guys!
  3. Maybe if that works, I'll somehow in someway make it an awd to even the weight distribution. Or just keep the engine in the bay and keep the original layout since that ine guy put a vette engine in the Starion.... Which is quite amazing btw. I have this topic in the wrong place don't I lol. This should probably be under BS lol.
  4. Thanks so much! I guess it would be rear heavy huh,,, The engine now that I think of it would be almost on top of the rear wheels and since I'm adding another 2 cylinders it would be more heavy than the 4 cylinder. Maybe I'll put the engine in the front where the original engine goes. Hmmmm......
  5. Can anyone tell me please? I'm dying to know!!! lol.
  6. Nah, I just sold and in the future do some heavy mods on just the chassis, but right now I don't. It doesn't have to be exact, just from where the carpet and leather meet for the seat until you touch the very end for the trunk inside. Oh, and btw, it's not for speakers lol. Thinking of making a mid-engined starion. Haven't figured what engine yet, so that's still pretty broad, but I would like to make the weight distribution pretty even. The battery will still be in the front and radiator, possibly the intercoolers too. Anyways....
  7. What is the length from the leg rest for the back seats to the end of the trunk space? I just have an idea that I want to see how it measures up.
  8. So I was checking starquestgarage just now and it says that there is a kickdown solenoid that needs to function properly, but it requires to change the tranny oil. So I plan on doing that tomorrow and will test the solonoid along with the relay switch and sensor for the OD. The link for the kickdown solenoid is here: http://www.starquestgarage.com/manuals/service/conquest/1988/88_conquest_service_manual_-_group_21_-_transmission_manual_automatic.pdf on page 70.
  9. So I found this in the faqs just now it I want to try some of these cleanups for the relay switch and a sensor that I want to do. http://www.starquestclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=28023
  10. That same problem is happening to me right now, I'm just wondering if these trannys are just not any good. Can you redline your engine? or will your tranny shift before it can get there? When you hit 40, what's your rpm? does it kinda slur down to 1500? If so, then something is wrong with the OD as well just like mine. I guess your following my thread anyways? lol. I would say just take a look under the starquest faqs for a while. That's what I plan on doing when I get home from work.
  11. For sure I will Spooled, I'm just waiting for the experts to give me some feedback on my progress on here. I'll spend some time when I get home from work to take a look at the starquest faqs and starquestagarage.com for more technical information and assistance.
  12. Alright so I looked at the switch at the gas petal and the switch almost looked new, so I didn't test the vacuum on the tranny but I went for a test drive and when I adjusted the switch to be closer to the gas pedal and I got my engine up to 5k this time before it early shifted, but I left the switch where it is now because the engine is vibrating and the oil needs to be changed before I try the test again. Do you think this was the cause of the short shifting? the tranny still goes in OD even with the OD off around 43 mph. But it does shift down when I mash the petal to the ground. eventually.
  13. Thanks for the help, I'll clean those parts and check them tomorrow but there is one other thing that really bugs me, since the engine has been broke in, I noticed that my car has a really good acceleration until it's about to shift into second and then it seems kinda of slurred and the acceleration is kinda gone but i'm still moving forward. Part of that issue I believe to be is that the tranny decides to shift about 4300 rpm and it won't ever redline unless I physically drop the tranny to first. Any ideas on what the cause could be? I really don't feel like changing a tranny, but I would like to eventually switch to a supra tt tranny sometime in the future.
  14. Cole

    hood cable

    Alright!!! So I got the cable in finally, had to take off the fender but I didn't have to take off the air dam or front bumper!!!! I just took off a few bolts on the air dam I admit, but now I don't have to worry about it anymore!!!! until the time comes when the tranny will kill over....
  15. Cole

    hood cable

    I hope that's not the case! The things we break...what a love/hate relationship!
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