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  1. Stupid me thought this would be a fun project that I could take my time. I quickly realized I don't work well without some kind of due date or urgency. So put the car on the lift and tore it apart, I now must complete the underpinnings If I want my lift back. I'm not going to turn this into a restoration section ( I have decided this site is so dead I will clutter this up with more pictures of the restoration ) but will update when major milestones are completed. So the plan is 1. Paint complete undercarriage, No rust repair needed. 2. Install most of my full poly bushing kit. 3. Fuel tank rehab ( Its rusted bad inside ) clean inside and out paint / seal, internal pump. Update tank was so bad I purchased a used one. 4. Suspension / axle full disassembly of everything, paint and powder coat, bearings and seals replaced. 5. paint engine compartment, I have a color but need to pick a system. PPG will not be getting my money.
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