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Marnal Non-Jet Head GP - Closed


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Glad to hear they sent the heads out. I've been anxious to get the car on the road. Another thanks to you for getting this GP started. There should be a fee we pay to you for getting the GP going to compensate for your time and effort on it. Hope to be of help to you one day, thanks again.



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Yeah... there should be a fee!  Hhm..... Guess for my fee I'll give ya a TDO6 Syclone 20G turbo?  Sound fair enough?  ;)  Be talking to ya soon pal, me thinks it's time for another road trip!  Oh, and thanks for the GP, among MANY other things.
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Picked up the head on will call late yesterday............ These people are really neat to deal with!! Thats to say you did a hell of a job setting this up!!! I just wish you could see this place, 10 lbs in a 5lb box!!!


Great job Rich, thanx again



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