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Distributor install

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When installing the Distributor the marks are supposed to be aligned like the pic below BEFORE the TEETH MESH with cam gear.








once seated all the way in and the cam - dizzy gears are meshed properly,

the marks do not align anymore. it should look like the pic below.


in the Pic below...

it is hard to see but the Dimple has rotated slightly towards the front of the head. or front of the car.

this is normal once the gears have meshed. the proper installation of the distributor.




if you notice in the pic above at far right of edge in pic is the distributor for spark.

the rotor ALIGNS with the phillips screw. the red line is in line with the rotor and

the phillips screw. the screw faces to the right in the above pic.

this is how it needs to be with the engine at top dead center.


please contact me with any questions or if i need to make corrections to what i wrote above.

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Note the rotor position according to the Phillips head screw.

Just next to or left of the rotor holding the black ignitor.



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