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How to fix the power antenna

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Antenna replacement how to:


First Disconnect the battery on the car and remove the power antenna unit.


To replace the power antenna on this unit.. I took this round cover off:


pulled this plastic hoop out with a screwdriver:


Here is the part that breaks on these old power antennas:


You also have to remove the old mast:



Bought this replacement at autozone for $19: I had to cut 5 inches off the plastic track because it was longer than the stock track, then I used a razor blade to taper the end so it would go in easier. Experiment with cutting the length of the track by cutting slowly. Remember, you can always remove but never add to it.


Here is the after pictures:



Periodically, you may need to rub some wd-40 or machine oil on the mast to keep it lubricated and non-binding on its way up/down.

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