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MK1 Starion Conquest Fuel Feed Line Adapter Plate

06 April 2018 - 08:23 PM

Hello everyone,

I had a member message me a few weeks ago about making him a fuel feed line and generally I modify the upper fuel rail by installing a fitting so the fuel feed line can be attached. He told me he has an adapter that he bought off e-bay that bolts onto the fuel rail inlet and it takes an 1/8" NPT to -6AN male adapter fitting. I was all ready to make this line for him until I realized that I use a 3/8 NPT to -6 AN adapter fitting on my fuel line kits. Upon further investigation I realized that by using this ebay adapter with an 1/8" NPT adapter fitting it would be restricting the fuel flow because the 1/8" adapter has a hole size of about 0.187" or 3/16" and the 3/8" adapter I use measures around a 0.290" hole size which is very close to 5/16" (0.312") but considerably larger diameter than the 1/8" NPT adapter fitting. The fuel filter adapter fitting I use is also slightly larger than 1/4" (0.260"). So by using the ebay adapter plate it does allow you to easily install an aftermarket steel braided line BUT you are sacrificing a significant amount of fuel flow by using it.

With that said if you have a bone stock engine running stock boost and you have a leaking fuel line this adapter would be the easiest way to fix the problem. On the other hand if you are heading toward a performance build you may want to think it over before using this adapter plate because although it makes things easier and looks pretty your getting less fuel to your engine than you would with the stock fuel line in place.

Link to the adapter plate :


Hope this helps.