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Posting Guidelines for the Cars for Sale Forum

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Posted 14 March 2008 - 07:02 AM

You must adhere to the following guidelines when creating a new topic, or replying to an existing topic. Failure to do so will result in the topic being deleted.

New Topic Guidelines:

1. Use a descriptive subject title so people know what's being sold (e.g. year, color, condition, price, city).

2. State the complete car(s) you have for sale, the condition of the car and price.

If you're selling a Parts Car only, post it under "Items For Sale"

If you're looking to find the highest bidder, go post it on Ebay and announce it on the Ebay notify/alert board. This isn't an auction board.

3. State your City/State. (A potential buyer will be curious about viewing, shipping etc.)

4. If you have any special requests/details etc., be sure to post them in the Original Post. This would include any expiration dates, shipping details, ways to obtain further information, etc.
Edit your Original Post as necessary.

5. If selling multiple cars, update your list by using the Edit button available on the post.

6. Respond to inquiries made to your post on this board.

7. When your car is sold, please edit the Title to include the word "SOLD".

8. Topics are subject to deletion after 60 days from the date the topic was started. If deleted, you will have to start a new "Cars For Sale" topic if you wish to go beyond the 60 day limit. This is done to help keep this board free of out-dated clutter.
Posts will be deleted if they have not had any "reply" activity for at least 30 days - "bump" posts do not count.

Replying to a "Cars For Sale" post:

1. No hi-jacking of someone's post! Do not reply to someone's post with something you are selling - regardless if it is an item the person is selling or not. Instead, send a Private Message, or create your own topic.
"Under-cutting" another person's sale will not be tolerated.

2. Use the method specified by the seller for requesting information. If its a phone number, call it - if its an Email, Email it.

3. The "Cars For Sale" board is not intended to be used as a chat board. Limit replies to information specifically related to the item(s) being sold.
If you wish to open a discussion, use the BS board, Email or other method.

4. No "Flaming", bashing, or argument of car prices! If you disagree with the prices or method of how the person is selling, or anything else with the "for sale" post - deal with it - take your business elsewhere - let it be.
"Flaming" posts are subject to removal.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in the deletion of posts/topics and possible direct action up to, but not limited to, suspension or banning of your StarQuestClub.com account.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

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Posted 16 August 2008 - 09:15 AM

As one that frequents this section I see many of the ads are lacking information big time, and most of the replies are asking for the following stuff. Would you be opposed to a mandatory type of post layout, i.e.:

LOCATION: (City/State)
SHIPPING: (Will you meet a transport company so they can haul it away? Will you not ship period?)
PICTURES: (Inserted or link to photo album, as a minimum need all sides/front/rear of vehicle, under hood, and at least two if interior- seats & dash)
MILEAGE: (Also if the odometer works, and if you know this is wrong due to dash replacement, broken odometer, etc.)
PRICE: (Tell us if it is in our price range, and if firm or OBO)
RUNS: (Yes/No)
ENGINE MODS: (MPI, larger turbo, etc.)
NON-FUNCTIONAL PARTS/FEATURES OR PROBLEMS: (You own it, so you know what it needs here. Pictures help here also)
RUST?: (Body or frame rails)
OPTIONS: (SHP, sunroof, etc.)
DESCRIPTION: (Tell us about the car in detail, and why we should buy this car: Seats not worn or torn, you drive it 80 miles daily, etc. You can include the VIN for a history check)
PREFERRED CONTACT METHOD: (Phone/email/PM/Reply here)

Failure to follow this format would result in a warning post and then ad deletion 48 hours later. Failure of the thread starter to reply to questions within 48 hours would result in post deletion.

Mandating pictures would cut down on a lot of needless questions and save the seller time. I have a tutorial as to how to post pics on a message board, and can customize it for this board if you would like to use it. I know members have hosted pics for those unable to do so, and I would also be willing to assist with this if the seller just can't figure out how to do it.

I visit here about once a day, have a lot of spare time, and would be glad to moderate it if this would help.
1998 Dodge Durango R/T * 1995 Pontiac Trans Am LT4 Turbo * 1995 Corvette Coupe * 1991 Dodge Daytona CS  * 1975 Datsun 280Z LT1/T56 * Plus a few bikes now  
Tips to sell your SQ car here   Courtesy 89PalermoSHP: How to post pics on the SQ forum (and yes, this can be done from a phone with Photobucket mobile)
Whatever you do, DO NOT read the post(s) above before replying! It's always much nicer to post the same info twice or ask a question that was already answered.

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