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27 November 2018 - 11:06 PM

Haltech was having a poll, hero of the year.. there is really nothing to win except being their car of the year and a custom trophy with some snazzy merchandise!

But being a grassroots guy, building my cars all on my own and owning them for years and years id like to take down the social media giant here and come out on top!

its a facebook poll, all you have to do is click the link, then click the image of my silver starion to vote! (the silver car on the left)  

everyone please vote, and feel free to share on facebook! Thank you! ill link my second build down below..


HERES THE LINK TO MY NEWEST BUILD (a second car i built to honor a friend)

LS1 / T56 Starion

28 January 2018 - 11:00 PM

I have picked up a 1988 Starion and will be putting a LS1 and a T56 in it from a 2002 camaro, ill try to update as much as possible.

For the back story on the car, I went to high school with a kid named Tanner White. Total gearhead! He had a starion in high school and i wanted one from the day i first say his. Well after i graduated in 2007 i picked up the silver 1jz car i have now.. had no motor at the time but i got it from him..

Fast forward to about 2011 and he has this black 88 he wants to put a V8 into. So i helped him pull out all the stuff he doesnt need and get it ready, and he starts getting money together and an engine planned out. Sadly he didnt make it very far. In 2012 tanner was in a freak accident falling down some steps hitting his head on a door frame. Had major swelling in his brain and had to have emergency surgery, the frontal lobe of his brain was mushy, the temporal love was damaged very badly as well and they ended up removing 1/3 of that. Which is where your personality; and just about everything else comes from. He was in a coma almost a year. Now he is confined to a bed, he can move his arms and legs, but can not speak, or do anything for himself. He just watches car shows all day! He's got it made! This was his car,  So I'm continuing the project for him! He was putting a ford motor in it i believe but we didnt always agree on things. So i decided ill put a LS1 in it instead.

This isnt a big horsepower car, its more of an honor build and building myself a fun daily driver. I bought it from his parents to put a V8 in it and thats what im going to do!

Ill be updating quick here to begin with. as ive had this going for a minute but am just now creating the build thread. Updates will come as i finish the work and projects and as money allows. hope everyone enjoys

Ill keep a running total and try to add parts needed and part numbers as i go.. it may help someone else!

1988 Starion - $700
2002 camaro - $3200 - parted for $1800 - have $1400 in engine and trans


From http://www.dynosty.com/
Lokar 36" cut to fit throttle cable - $61 - Part number - TC-1000LS1
Borla XR-1 muffler - $142 - Part number - 40086
Spal 10" puller fans - $135 - Part number - 30100360
Vibrant Performance -3 36" line - $28 - Part number - VPE-10271
Vibrant Performance -3 90 degree adapter - $17 - Part number - VPE-10780
Earls 10mmx1.0 brake line adapter (for clutch master cylinder) -$15 - Part number - 592032ERL
NRG Quick release- $130 - Part number - SRK-200-1BK
NRG Short hub - $109 - Part number - SRK-100H
TUNE- $612

From http://www.haltech.com/
Elite 950 / New terminated Harness - Retail $1699 - Part number - HT150721
Haltech IQ3 Street dash - Retail $849 - Part Number - HT060102
Haltech Oil pressure sensor - Retail $189 - Part Number - HT010904
Haltech Hub - Retail $105 - Part number HT-159000
Haltech Wideband 2 kit - Retail $499 - Part number HT-059986

From https://www.autozone.com/

Rack and Pinion - $170 Part number - 64168
3.5 inch exhaust pipe, 10 foot - $50 - Part number 49098
2.5 inch exhaust pipe, 10 foot - $50 - Part number 49049
1980 Dodge Challanger brake booster - $125 - Part number 53-5103
Upper radiator hose (Cut to fit) - $15 - Part number E72112
Lower radiator hose (cut to fit) - $ 22 - Part number E72088
Hose reducer for lower radiator outlet - $8 - Part number 76925
Straight water neck - $20 - Part number 4932

From https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/

20ft 2ga battery cable - $50 - Part number - AC187

From local Chevy dealer

GTO front sump oil pan (pan, windage tray, dipstick, dipstick tube) - $400

From https://www.napaonline.com/
Cv boot outer -$20 - Part number 686-2161
Cv boot inner - $20 - Part number 686-2179

From https://www.summitracing.com

Prothane transmission mount - $45 Part number PTP-6-1608
Steering knuckles  - $100 Part numbers - SUM760667 (3/4DD to 3/4- 36 spline) and CPP-UJ6 (3/4DD to 3/4DD)
Steering shaft  - $15 Part number ALL52175
1350 front slip yoke  - $76 Part number- SDH-3-3-4281x
16mm x 1.5, 18mm x 1.5 banjo steering fittings  - $25 Part number - UIS621710
LS fuel filter/ regulator from a C5 corvette.  $87 - Part number - CMB-03-0263
Fitting for fuel rail, gm push on to -6AN  $18 - Part number - RUS644123
20ft -6AN line  - $75 - Part number - SUM-230620
-6AN to 5/16 barb for return hose  - $8 - Part number - VPE-11215
3x -6AN hose ends  - $15 - Part number - SUM-220690B
Lokar Throttle cable bracket - $45 - Part Number - TCB-40ls13
Tilton remote reservoir - $7 - Part number - 74-202    x3
Tilton reservoir cap - $5 - Part number 74-207     x3
Tilton clamp - $2 - Part number 74-208     x3

From https://www.speedwaymotors.com/

Header kit  - $194 Part number 41869510
Clutch Slave adapter to -3AN Fitting  - $14 Part number 5151396
Remote bleeder for slave  -$30  Part number- 5151399

From http://www.hinsonsupercars.com/

Hinson engine mounts (3/8" shorter) - $195  Part number 4051

From https://www.turnone-steering.com/

Power steering pressure reducer  - $40 - Part number - TUR11

From https://www.flowmastermufflers.com/

Flowmaster 2.5 to 3.5 Y pipe - $50

From https://www.highflowfuel.com/
Walbro 450 intank pump - $110 - Part number - WAL-F90000274-085

From http://www.tcpglobal.com/
Restoration Shop brand - $150 - Part number - 2110 Gunmetal grey metallic

Coilovers - $933 - Part number - D-MT-39

Brake lines - $110 - Part number -  BRAKELINES3SNABLACK

Stage 2 clutch kit - $325 - Part number - GM9-HDSS

Stage 3 cam kit - $853

Wilwood clutch master - $66 - Part number- 950-260-15098

Steering wheel - $250 - Part number - Mod.07

From http://nbingaman.wix.../gntperformance
Poly Suspension bushings - $250
Differential mounts - $120

From eBay, custom made, or local shops

C5 corvette engine mount brackts ( to the block ) (used) - $50
1350 rear flange with custom adapter  (came from larry robbins, slowquest) -$150
2 3" vbands (ebay) - $33
Driveshaft made with 1350 u joints - $80 - local friend works at place lol
3.5" vband (eBay) - $25
Toyo tires $415
1 inch wheel spacers for the rear $30

notes: on the rack and pinion the inner tie rod ends need to be shortened 1.5 inches  the outer tie rod ends need to be shortened 1 inch  

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Posted Image

Posted Image

Tanner before his accident.

Posted Image

Tanner now.
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MS3 pro

18 December 2017 - 06:22 PM

Do I have anyone interested in an UNIVERSAL MS3 pro!? 900 OBO shipped and it's yours. Been on a car driven 0 miles, started and ran the car but we need the money for something else.. Our loss is your gain! Cheaper than you can buy it anywhere else and still new! Retail is 1049.00. was running a 2jz engine. Can run up to 12 cylinders. Message me here or on Facebook. Mikie sorrell

Here's a link to a new one. https://www.diyautot...alone-ecu-only/

Here is what it's capable of.

MS3Pro 1st Gen Features:

VE based tuning
Speed Density, Alpha-N, MAF based tuning & blended algorithms
Up to 12 sequential saturated fuel injector outputs
Up to 12 cylinder sequential support
Any unused injector outputs can be used as high current digital or PWM outputs
Up to 8 sequential logic level ignition outputs
2D or 3D Table Views
The tuner can toggle between 2D or 3D table views with a single click
Individual cylinder fuel & spark trim tables
Table Switching
VVT Control (4 channels)
Generic Wheel Decoder allows for support of nearly any standard trigger/aftermarket trigger pattern. 60-2, 36-1, 8-1, 4-1, pretty much anything!
Supports 50+ specialty OEM and aftermarket ignition systems using factory cam/crank wheels and sensors.
Support for oddfire and evenfire engines
Capable of controlling evenfire, oddfire, piston, rotary, and even radial engines
Fuel Only Mode
Disables ignition output features for control of fuel injection only
Internal SDCard high-speed data logging
Traction Control Multiple Strategies
E85 flex fuel sensor input
Compatible with YOUR wideband O2 controller.
Long Term Fuel Trim
OE Style automatic fuel trim to allow for changes in engine over time
High Power Time Enrichment
Allows for richer mixture after extended time in high power
Helps control cylinder and piston temperatures
Fully user configurable
Multiple Acceleration Enrichment Strategies
Staged Injection Control
Seamless transition to 2nd stage injectors for high power applications
Multiple user configurable strategies
Nitrous control strategies
Three-step rev limiter with flat shift
Trans Brake and Bump Box Control
No need for a separate box!
User configurable settings and reactions
Advanced Launch Control strategies
Digital switch based arming
Wheel speed based launch arming for rolling starts
Configurable timing retard after launch
Pit Lane Limiter
Speed limiter for pit lane, reduces engine power by spark retard/cut or fuel cut
Can limit based on VSS or RPM if no VSS input is available
Rally style turbo anti-lag with rotational idle
Allows cyclic fuel and spark cut
Controls idle valve and configurable outputs for external fuel or air supply
Boost Control Multiple open & closed loop strategies
Sequential shift spark cut
Configurable spark and fuel cut during shift
Solenoid output control for air shifter/drag application
Automatic shift point mode
Configurable per gear delay
Idle Control Multiple open & closed loop strategies
Water and Methanol Injection
Fuel Pump Control
Intelligent Knock Detection and Response 2 channels
Multiple Engine Protection and fault mode strategies
Generous spare I/O for any standard/custom I/O needs
Spare analog inputs for external sensors
Supports standard automotive temperature or pressure sensors
Air Conditioner Control with feed-forward Idle-Up
Proactively increases idle vale duty cycle (PWM valves) or number of steps (stepper valves) before activating A/C compressor
Automatic compressor shutoff at programmable throttle position or RPM thresholds
Automatic cooling fan activation with A/C, user configurable
Cooling Fan Control
Programmable fan on and off activation points
Can be configured to run fan with engine running only, or when engine is running and not running
Feed-forward idle up for use with large, high demand fans
Configurable fan deactivation based on TPS or VSS
Alternator Field Control/Voltage Regulation
Multiple open and closed loop strategies
Configurable voltage and temperature monitoring
Separate target voltages for afterstart, normal operation, over run, and WOT
Warning lamp output if voltage is above or below target
Comprehensive Test Modes
Test all outputs for proper functionality and verify wiring before starting the engine
Controls all fuel injector outputs, ignition outputs, idle valve, and general purpose outputs
Outputs can be tested for on & off or PWM pulse functionality
Injector and spark disable mode, allows checking for suspected problematic cylinder by electronically preventing combustion event
CAN Support for I/O expansion virtually limitless I/O capability!
CAN Support for 3rd party dash devices
Android Compatible
Self Calibration
Fully Enabled
Compact, Efficient & Robust Design
No Dark Current!
Field Upgradeable Firmware enable newly added features with a simple firmware update!