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READ ME! For Sale Board Posting Guidelines

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Posted 09 September 2002 - 02:53 PM

In order to help maintain the purpose of this "Items for sale" board, please follow the following guidelines when creating new "for sale" topics or replying to an existing "for sale" topic:

New Topic Guidelines:

1. Use a descriptive subject title whenever possible so people know what's being sold. If its for lots of different parts, then indicate that somehow in your title.

2. State the item(s) you have for sale, the quality of the item and price (and if shipping cost is included or not). If you're looking to find the highest bidder, go post it on ebay and announce it on the ebay notify/alert board. This isn't an auction board. If you do not want to post a selling price, be sure to include a phone number and/or email address for inquiries.

3. State your location. If you're worried about privacy, at least provide a general location (City/State or Zip Code).  If this information is in your profile, that will be considered adequate. Failure to do so will result in deletion of your thread.

4. If you have any special needs/requests/details/etc be sure to post them in the original post. This would include any expiration dates, shipping details, ways to obtain further information, etc.

5. If selling multiple items, update your list by using the modify button available on the post.

6. Respond to inquiries made to your post on this board, unless you specified an alternate method for obtaining info (phone number, email address, etc).

7. When your sale is finished, please use the "report this post to moderators" indicating that it is finished and request it be deleted. This will help reduce the clutter of out-dated posts.

8. For sale topics are subject to deletion after 60 days from the date the topic was started - no exceptions. You will have to start a new "for sale" topic if you wish to go beyond the 60 day limit. This is done to help keep this board free of out-dated clutter. Posts may also be deleted if they have not had any activity for at least 30 days - "bump" posts do not count.

Replying to a "for sale" post:

1. Do not reply to someone's "for sale" post with an item you are selling - regardless if it is an item the person is selling or not. Instead, create your own "for sale" topic. "Under-cutting" another person's sale will not be tolerated. Action can and will be taken against those who repeatedly commit this action.

2. Use the method specified by the seller for requesting information. If its a phone number, call it - if its an email, email it.

3. Limit replies to information specifically related to the item(s) being sold. If you wish to open a discussion, use the BS board, email or other method. The "for sale" board is not intended to be used as a chat board.

4. If you disagree with the prices or method of how the person is selling or anything else with the "for sale" post - deal with it - take your business elsewhere - let it be. We don't want to turn away business to/from those who have something to offer.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in the deletion of posts/topics and possible direct action up to, but not limited to, suspension or banning of your StarQuestClub.com account. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

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