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Big Block Chevy High Performance Parts Sale

13 September 2016 - 08:01 PM

Hello everyone I've decided to let go of all my big block Chevy parts which I have about $8 ~ $10,000 worth of them. I know this is mainly a Quest site but not everyone on here just owns a Mitsubishi. I have been gathering these parts for at least the past 10 years to build a 496 for my 66 Chevelle but as fate has it the car was sold several years ago and I have no use for these parts any longer. Anyone interested please let me know and some of these parts are already listed on Ebay. This link should get you there :


Anyway here are some of the things going up for sale :

GM 4 bolt main 454 (7.4 L) late model casting std bore block

Scat 496 forged steel int bal Stroker Crank (new)

Brodix BB2 Heads Ti intake valves new Crane springs 0.790" max lift (used)

Brodix HV 2001 intake (new)

Brodix Aluminum valve covers (used)

Jesel Sportsman KSS series shaft roller rockers (used)

Jesel belt drive (used)

Jomar stud girdle (gold anodized) (used)

Holley 1050 Dominator Carburetor w/ progressive linkage (used)

Holley VoluMAX Dominator fuel pump 165 GPH (15 psi max) (new)

CVR electric water pump (used)

ATI 7" Super Damper (new)

RCI 5 point cam lock racing harness (Red) nice shape but out of certification (used)

Manley Sportsmaster 4340 connecting rods (new)

Crower severe duty cutaway roller lifters (used)

Crower Enduro Stainless Steel Stud Mount Roller Rocker Arms (used)

I also have a gently used Innovate LMA-3 (PN# 3742) Multi-sensor Device (AuxBox) up for sale. This would be great for a tuner who wants to datalog boost pressure.


  • Provides 5 channels of data

  • 3-Bar MAP / Boost

  • RPM

  • Injector Duty Cycle

  • EGT / CHT

  • 2-Axis Accelerometer

  • MTS compliant

Another key application of the AuxBox is road testing. Even a dyno doesn’t provide as much real data as road testing. Factors like air flow, side force, and load vary significantly on a real road. Use LogWorks to view fuel mapping, perform statistical analysis, overlay graphs, and playback a log on the virtual gauges. You can also view real-time data on LogWorks’ gauges if you want to take your laptop on the road. Correlating AFR, RPM, MAP, and CHT, for example, is essential when tuning piggy-back fuel controllers, ECUs, or performance carburetors.

Upper Fuel Rail (Top Hat) Needed

16 April 2016 - 09:22 AM

Hello everyone, I need a few of the upper fuel rails, one for a member and a couple to have on hand. If anyone would like to part with one or several please contact me asap.

Thank you in advance