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how many quarts of coolant does the quest hold?

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Posted 30 August 2008 - 03:17 PM

how many quarts of coolant does the 1988 quests hold? also, how many quarts of oil.  i don't have an owners manual.

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Posted 30 August 2008 - 05:12 PM

Cooling system total capacity (including interior heater core & reserve/expansion tank): 9.5 quarts
Don't use the DEXcool stuff... That type of antifreeze reacts badly with certain types of metals that used to be common in engines.  The old green stuff is best - ethylene glycol coolant.  And use distilled (not tap) water...  distilled water helps keep mineral deposits from forming in the cooling system.  If the coolant temp guage runs above half during stop-n-go driving, or even on the highway on hot days, find out why:
* radiator partially plugged - EXTREMELY COMMON.  Flush kits do next to NOTHING to fix this!  Take the radiator to a radiator shop and have it "rodded" out.
* one or more electric fans not working
* leaves and other junk caught between the radiator and air conditioner condensor (the one in front of the engine radiator)
* someone did a hack job on the fan wiring making a fan run backwards
* too much anti-freeze/not enough water.  Antifreeze is much less efficient than water at moving heat out of the engine... it's purpose is to raise the water's boiling point, lower the water's freezing point, keep corrosion/rust buildup to a minimum, and to lubricate the water pump.  Folks often add more than 50% antifreeze thinking "more is better" and in fact hurt the cooling capacity of the system.
* Cheap thermostat that doesn't open far enough.
* lousy ignition timing, engine running lean, dragging brakes, etc.

Engine oil: 5 quarts total: 4 in engine, 1/2 in oil filter, 1/2 in oil cooler.
StarQuests are older engines designed for the thicker oils that were common in the 70s-80s.  Don't use the new thin stuff (e.g. 5W-30) that today's cars use.  Such thin oils require certain changes to internal engine clearances.  10W-40, 15W-50 synthetic, or 20W-50 are what folks run in StarQuests and what the factory manuals specify.

5 speed tranny: 2.4 quarts of API GL-4 gear oil.  Fill the tranny until the oil just begins to ooze out the fill bolt half-way up the side of the tranny.

Auto trannies: 7.4 quarts of DEXRON auto tranny fluid (ATF)

Rear axle: 2.7 pints of GL-5 gear oil WITH added "friction modifier" for cars with the limited slip differential (LSD) (there is a warning sticker on the door jam of LSD equipped cars that warns about jacking only one rear wheel up and then running the engine).  Mitsu dealers sell a one gallon can of pre-mixed stuff that is great... but pricey too.  Chrysler dealers sell "MOPAR Hypoid Gear Lubricant" (part no 4318058) plus the friction modifier (part no. 4318060)

Brake & clutch systems: plain old DOT3 brake fluid.  Do not use the DOT5 "racing" stuff as that requires certain special materials in the hoses.  One large quart jar is enough to totally fill both systems.

Power steering: 1.2 quarts of DEXRON auto tranny fluid (ATF).  DEXRON I, II, III, etc are fine - all "higher number" DEXRONs are compatible with lower numbers.  DO NOT USE "POWER STEERING FLUID" - StarQuest systems were designed to run with ATF since ATF can withstand MUCH higher pressures than simple power steereing fluid.  If a StarQuest power steering system ever gets filled (or just topped off) with plain power steering fluid it'll make a groaning sound, foam up and overflow, and the power steereing pump will die pretty quickly.

mike c.

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