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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone some lady took out my conquest in a home depot parking lot. The damage was to much to save it so I'm clearing out all my parts. The parts are all in good shape and a mix of 87-89; my car was a 87 with only 50k on it. A lot of the parts are mitsubishi dealership parts and in some cases are the only ones left available. Honestly i'm tired of haggling with people over prices so feel free to just make me a reasonable offer. I don't get on here much so please text me for best response. Thanks Clearing out all my starquest parts Front half stock exhaust- coated, no cats Custom sub box/ amp cover Headliner- black Trunk area carpet Manifold intake- complete minus ejectors, and isc Left and right headlight assembly, With motors Gas door Radio trim panel w/ pocket, new Dash clock Console tray/ pocket Console/ shifter/ radio trim E- release/ mirror switch trim Drivers side fog light -2 87 ecu board Heater control trim-2 87 climate control Upper fuel line-2 Two fuel rails w/ regulators 1 & 3 port waste gate actuators Resistor Light controller Rear washer fill neck New turbo xs dsbc New Bosch boost compensating fuel regulator turbo base gasket throttle body base gasket Ecu relay New v cover gasket w cones Fog light relay New Mitsubishi pcv valve 4 egr gaskets 2 1/2 moon plugs 1 cam seal- new Billet dual port waste gate actuator mounting plate Radio plate to convert to 1 din deck Short water coupler hose Curved water hose -intake 87 ignitor o-ring for fuel hose to fuel rail injection mixer screw set most parts are Mitsubishi OEM dealership items Tim 971-219-9290
  2. CAR AND ALL OF THE PARTS ARE SOLD!! All of the goes together >Stainless steel exhaust manifold w/ T 70 turbo w/ waste-gate w/ down pipe w/ exhaust pipe 2.5 in. pipe w/o muffler or cat (Pre-bent for the Starquest) no blow-off valve Unused Top End Performance camshaft w/Unused Top End Performance valve springs w/Unopened engine assembly lube 1x stock G54b engine 1x top performance G54b engine 2x Hoods w/o scoop 2x manual 5 speed trans 86' and 87' 2x stock ECU's 86' 89' All Black leather seats 1x driver seat stitching came loose on the bottom, 2x passengers both in great condition, 1x back seat in great condition, If you buy the rims off of the car you need to take the chassy 5x front rims $50 for each 2x rear $200 for both The car is located in Brooklyn Park MD
  3. Alright. I am in need of money for back to school and anything will help. so I am selling all the parts I think I dont need anymore. Off the top of my head this is what I have. Later tonight I will do a look around for anything I may have forgotten. Will also take pictures tonight or tomorrow. -Possibly sell my 2 Rear shp 9's with slicks and 2 rear non-shp 8s with brand new kuhmo xs tires. (only if the price is right) -2 Autometer gauges. (oil pressure and water temp) will need senders -2 88-89 ecu's -1g Mitsubishi logo steering wheel -2 Hard pipes (2.5 to intake and 2in to turbo) -1 Stock starion intercooler -2 Rear calipers (working condition) -4 black leather front seats. 2 are vented other 2 are not. (the vented drivers seat's frame is a little bent.) -Valve cover (painted blue) -1 intake manifold -2 intake fuel mixers, fully assembled with injectors (may need some wires repaired) -1 stock gauge cluster -2 spark boxes -1 set of starion tails (minor stress cracks) -Fiji side mirrors -Non-vented black leather back seats (bottom and 2 folding tops.) -4 black leather back seat cusions.(on sides of back seats) -1 black headliner -2 black door panels (unsure of condition) -1 Hurst t-handle shift knob with adapter and nitrous button -2 interior door locks -1 rear view mirror -1 Interior light -1 set of seat belts -1 alternator -1 starter -1 washer fluid resevoir -1.new strut boot -1 center counsel top (arm rest) -1 rear end cradle assembly -1 rear differential (LSD) http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i51/cowcowmoo/2012-03-14092210.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i51/cowcowmoo/2012-03-14092203.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i51/cowcowmoo/2012-03-14092145.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i51/cowcowmoo/2012-03-14092134.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i51/cowcowmoo/2012-03-14092059.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i51/cowcowmoo/2012-03-14091950.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i51/cowcowmoo/2012-03-14091906.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i51/cowcowmoo/2012-03-14091852.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i51/cowcowmoo/2012-03-14091837.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i51/cowcowmoo/2012-03-14091805.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i51/cowcowmoo/2012-03-14091748.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i51/cowcowmoo/2012-03-14091852.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i51/cowcowmoo/2012-03-13233258.jpg
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