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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! I just recently got a cxracing radiator to help me deal with the AZ weather and take better care of my poor car. ( driving with the heater on full blast and windows down in 100+ degree weather is not fun ) While moving the intake box and pipe either 1) I disconnected some lines on accident or 2) they were never properly reconnected in the first place by the previous owner which is sadly likely. A) Here is the line that goes into the frame, I believe this hooks to the bottom of the air box because the tube matches the nipple B) This is coming from the Canister on the intake box. ( If anyone knows what this is called I would love to try and find it in the FSM but I can't find any picture and don't know the name ) C) This looks like a drain to the oil pan If anyone has any idea of where these go to all help would be appreciated. I'm sure that their locations are in the FSM but I couldn't find any after searching the Fuel, Intake, and Emissions sections. I'll be working on it all today so if I figure it outIi'll be sure to update.
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