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  1. no need for the attitude. You are not talking to a computer. We are actual people. But you didnt even post BASIC THINGS! like auto or manual. But now that i know its automatic, it just saved me an awkward phone call. Details benefit you from getting 100 phone calls of people looking for a manual. This is communication. not just some fancy computer machine. lol. Welcome to the future. Good luck with the sale. My search continues.
  2. apparently he has never seen one either.
  3. Posts like this make me lose hope for humanity. Like are you freaking kidding me? I hope you paid someone to do the work for you. Because if you can't even grasp the concept of a proper for sale ad. How can you build a car?
  4. why are these cars never NEAR ME!!! im starting to get pissed. grrrr, good luck with the sale
  5. well im extremely sorry that my opinion is different than yours. That's kind of the drawback with FREE SPEECH. Not everyone will be happy with what you have to say. Good luck with the sale Chris. It looks to be in great shape. As stated before, you might be better off throwing it up for sale on here with a cash price instead of eBay.
  6. I understand about not finishing school because of unplanned children. Still, 16 year old grammar level is better than that. Kind of sounds to me like you wanted to quit school long before you had children. You obviously didn't pay attention much.
  7. http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/cto/952972921.html
  8. damn! why cant u be near me!!!!! would it make a drive to MA? ill freakin take a plane there and drive back lol.
  9. i remember like 5 years ago maybe even 8 years ago, there was a user gallery on the homepage. had like 140 somethin pics on it. i had some pics of my old tan 85 conquest technica and wish i could see them again.
  10. actually idno if ANY of you guys joined before me, i was on here with a different screen name way before u guys, and i was also on trance's boards, although idno if thats even still around anymore.
  11. so i was browsing the site lookin for a new project and just now noticed that people have member numbers. and wow do i feel old now hahaha. im number 323 and ive seen other people in the 11,000 range. thats crazy, i cant believe how big the site has grown. its awesome anyways just thought id drop by and say hi again, and im lookin for starion #5. i just cant stay away from these cars. i went to the darkside and bought a 92 civic hatch, and through an integra type r motor in it, it was fun for 3 weeks until it got stolen. lol. i swear i could leave the keys in my starion and no one would touch it! haha. anyways hope everyones doin good, like shelby, heefner, and others that ive just forgotten the s.n's off hand.
  12. GONE!!!! thanks for the compliments. i traded it for a 92 civic hatch with a type-R swap.
  13. bump, installed a new battery, got an alignment and lowered the suspension more!
  14. thanks for the compliment! now imagine if i actually got a chance to buy the wheels i wanted! you guys would drool lol. i HATE the wheels that are on it now.
  15. thanks! and bump for a video of the car running!!! and heres one of it driving.
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