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  1. Hello, looking for a 1983, 1984, or 1985 Starion 5 speed, with a music box & digital dash (preferred). Location: East of the rockies ideal, but willing to look at anything in CONUS or ontario. Relatively new to the platform so I'm trying to get some ideas on prices. There was an 83, 5spd, digital project & parts car that sold a couple weeks back for 3500, thats all I have for reference atm. Not looking for a nice, historic, enclosed trailer show car. Project condition, able to run onto a trailer, or...? Color doesn't matter, I can handle some rust/panel rot too, as long as the body is drivable without welding. With a digital dash, I'm fine with a roller too. Also, from my limited understanding, all the early Starquests play a little tune when you open the door, but the later ones only do with a digital dash? If the early ones all do not, the music box is a corequisite. Thank you
  2. Still have the flatties?
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